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Are You Hot, Cold or Lukewarm?

A Tandem Ride With Jesus

Change Your Atmosphere Sing God A New Song!


DON’T WORRY! God Has A Perfect Plan For YOU!

Find Hidden Treasures HERE!

Christians, Take Your Stand

Give The Gift Of Encouragement

Why Do All Lives Matter?

What Does It Mean To Worship God?

Your Words Are POWERFUL!

Wisdom Compared To Knowledge

We All Need a Supernatural Blood Transfusion

It’s Good to Be “Broken”

Practice Unconditional Love

You Offended Me!

What Does It Mean To Be Holy?

The “Hereafter”

What Matters To God?

A Tale of Two Bibles

You Create Your Own Atmosphere

The Prince of the Air


Broken is Beautiful

God’s Ten Commandments

Destination Forgiveness

Love Covers A Multitude of Sins

Obedience is the Key to Hearing God’s Voice

Come Taste The Fruits

The Key To Success

The Beatitudes: Understanding The Sermon On The Mount

Your Biggest Gamble

God’s Love Is Radical

I AM YAHWEH The Creator of The Universe

What Will Happen To You In Court Before The Judge?

What Are You “Worth?”

Unconditional Surrender

Rise Up And Use Your God Given Power

What Becomes of Us In the “Hereafter”

Run The Race Give It All You’ve Got!

In Just Once Glance

The Burden Bearer

Are You The Chicken or The Pig?

Starbucks Coffee Isn’t Lukewarm or Cold

Radical, Not Rational Love

Tune Up Your Ears God is Speaking

God’s Got You Covered

The Riches We Have In God

Take a Tour of Our Library of Videos!

The Five Keys To Happiness

Worry Is Needless Payment On Debt Not Yet Imputed

How to Start With A Clean Slate

The BEST of Bible Teaching Videos!

The Last Helicopter Out Of Saigon

Artists of The Every Day

Make Your Home A Haven of Love

Who is the Holy Spirit ?

The Riskiest Bet You Could Make

God’s Word Never Changes

A Dirty Table At Starbucks

Is it Still Possible to “Discover Christ?”

Victory out of Defeat

Transformation is What Being A Christian Is All About

Let’s Practice Our A B C’S

Be Refreshed Taste The Living Water

The Sin Eraser

Whose Side are YOU On?

Look Out, Trial Ahead

A Man Who Made My Day

God Loves You Inside and Out

Are You Judging Yourself By the Scale?

Coping With Stress

The Reflection Pool

“Don’t BelieveTHAT Bumper Sticker!”

Activate The Mind of Christ

How Strong Is Your Wi-Fa(ith) Connection?

From the Root To the Fruit

The Christian Life is TRANSFORMING

Are You Fat or Fit?

MEMORIAL DAY Is Our National Time Of Honored Memory

Are You Willing To Be Crushed?

Your (Hidden) Treasure Awaits!

Why PASSOVER is So Important

For Veteran’s Day... A Debt Of Gratitude

The Devil’s Attacks are a Good Sign

Our Life As An Open Book

God Loves To Hear You Sing

You Have Supernatural Power!

How To Get A Heavenly Facelift

Always Look Straight Ahead

No Matter Who You Are God Loves YOU

Information -vs- Revelation

Nothing is Hidden


For DOG Lovers!

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Happy Thoughts = Happy Life

Who is your #1?

Your Two Most Important Days

What Matters To God?

Be Bold When You Pray

Are You Judging Your Life Based On A Scale of Good-vs-Bad Works?

The REAL “Man Behind The Curtain”

You Will Live Forever, The Question is WHERE?

Expect The Unexpected

Shine Your Light, Shine it Bright

Do Not Ignore this (Life)“ Traffic” Warning!

We Own Nothing In This World

An Eye for an “I”

Understanding The Trinity

Grasp The Mysteries of God’s Word

Laws Broken “Have Consequences”

Don’t Delay Before This Door Closes

The Master Plan

Let Jesus Have It

What You Say is What You GET

Billy Graham’s Guideline To Christian Living

Christ The Cornerstone

“The Difference Between Prayer and Meditation”

See With The Eyes of Jesus

Kids In Church Quotes

Positive Words Impact Others!

The Fulfilling Taste of Jesus

You Will Live Forever

Don't Fear Revelation!

Are You a Convict?

Time is The Key To God’s Will For You

The Wide or Narrow Path

The Open Door To Your Gifts

Only Look At The Real Thing

Are You A Rescuer?

Speak Gracefully To Others

Would You Ignore The Last Helicopter Out Of Saigon?

Do You Know How To Pray?

Unsurpassed Beauty

Living Godly In An Ungodly Age

Losing Something Irreplaceable

Are You Tuned Into The Right Channel?!

The Root Cause For Today’s Problems

God is Analog Not Digital!

What Does it Mean To be Holy?

Rest in Peace (or) Rest in Pieces

God Healed Me From Atrial Fibrillation !

The Great Exchange

Better Than Your Cellphone Flashlight

You Carry Supernatural Power

How To Idle Your Anxiety

Do Not Love The Things of the World

Ways To Enrich Your Prayer Life

Are You Putting Eternity On The Back Burner?

Indecision is a Decision

In Event of Fire Alarm Do THIS

All Debt Must Be PAID

View Others Through The Eyes of Jesus

I Bet Hell Is Fabulous!!

Wisdom and Health Go Together

To Make One Thing CLEAN Something Else
Must Get DIRTY

The Amazing First Verse of the Bible

Eternity is Too LONG to be WRONG

We All Have “Talent on Loan from God”

Are You Lost In The Wilderness?

The Shield of God’s Favor

Results Always Come According To This

The Difference Between Prayer & Meditation

Are You A Friend of God?

Strengthen Up Your Core Of Faith

How Can You Deny God Once You’ve Seen This?

Amazing Prophecy About THE FINAL POPE!

Watch Out - Lying Can Trip You Up

The Resurrection of Christ Is A

The End of Shame

The Center of PrIde is I

Headlines That No One BELIEVES

Get the HELL Outta Here!

Big Bang Busted?

On-Line But Off-Life

Jesus is On Sale!

Great News about YOU!

Could Sin Just Be Out Of Style?

Yes, No, or “Present”

Forgotten Voices of a Lower Manhattan Bar

Create A Worshipful Easter Table

Don’t Believe THAT Bumper Sticker!

It’s Good to Be “Broken”

The “Hereafter”

What Matters To God?

We All Need a Supernatural Blood Transfusion

People Trapped In Darkness by a False Light

Why There Is Hope For The Dead

The Prince of the Air

You Create Your Own Atmosphere

Your Body is a TEMPORARY Holding Place of your

When Love Gets Turned Backwards

Who In This World Do You Think You Are?!

If Christianity were TRUE, Would You Become a Christian?

The Best GPS is not on iPhone or Samsung!

A Battle of Two Voices

The Blurring of Reality and Illusion

Come On and Taste The Fruit!

Open Your Spiritual Ears

Calm Your Temper

The “Prosperity Gospel”

The Five Keys To Happiness

The ‘Foolishness’ Of The Bible

Obedience is the Key to Hearing God’s Voice

You Can Have What You SAY

Do You Have Patience?

Your Expected End

Don’t Scroll Past This 'Stupid' “Religious” Message

Satan The Trafficker Of
The Soul

“A merry heart does good like a medicine.”

“The Absolute BEST Search Engine.”

Artists of The Every Day

If The Planet Is Worth Saving, What About YOU?

You Have Been Pre-Approved For Heaven

Expect The Unexpected

Good Stuff Comes From DIRT!

What Do You Mean I’m LOST?!?

Will God Laugh WITH You Or Will God Laugh AT You?

Don’t leave “U” out of Savio Ur

What Are You “Worth?”

Be Safe Saved on July 4th

Are You Always Drinking Out Of The Same Coffee Cup?

Are You Leaving Earth Head First or
Feet First?

Christianity is a Relationship, Not a Philosophy or a Religion

Are Christians Hypocrites?

More LIKES From HERE Than On Facebook

Are You Preparing To End Life Well?

Unplug and Recharge!

Born Once, Die Twice. Born Twice, Die Once!

Are You “Redeemed?”

Has Your Number Been Called Yet?

Religion is Complicated Christianity is Simple

Pick a Door, But Choose Wisely

Nothing is Hidden

Tune Up Your Ears God is Speaking

The Difference Between “Not Guilty” & “Innocent”

The Power of The Tongue

There Is no god

00 SIZE=+2>Musical (Religion) Chairs

Well… Which God IS IT?!?

There Is No Absolute Truth!!!

Sin is a Human Right (...but sinning is not)

At The Intersection of Mercy & Grace

r COLOR=#111111 SIZE=6>God Programming: 101

The Sins of Omission & Commission

Plug Into The Power Source

Are You a Motor or an Engine?

Spiritual Battles Are Won In The Heavens

The Secret Of Contentment

World Peace Might As Well Be Whirled Peas

Text Messages You Cannot Ignore

How Deep Are Your Roots?

The Transformation of Your MIND

Jesus Is In The Miracle Business

Freedom From Bondage Is Just Taking One Step Forward

“We Will Rebuild” Was NOT The Right Response

Jesus Is The Way To Holiness

Do You Have A Hard Heart?

We Need The Greatest Love There Is

God Is Bigger Than Your Giants

What Is God’s Will For Your Life?

What Do You Do When Things Get Rough?

God Is Enough

Be Careful What You Say

So How Exactly Did That “Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll” Thing Work Out?

True Love Is Unconditional

The One You Can RUN TO

The End of That Road Is Closer Than You Think

How Many Ways Are There To Get To Heaven?

The Only Thing God Cares About

Living on Cheetos and Diet Coke

Soar Like An Eagle

Seek Perfect Vision

Why Believe Gullible Ad Claims, But Not This Claim?

The Separation Of Church & Souls

Live A Passionate Life!

What Will Be Your Legacy?

Living The Glorious Life!

Are You Good Enough For Heaven?

Know The Terms Of Your Lease On Life

Eat This Food To Live Forever

Seeing is Not Believing

The WORD The WORLD and

You Can’t Live Without These FOUR Things

Set Yourself Apart From The World

Self-Control Is Within Your Reach

Do You Approve of God?

Sin - Saviour = Salvation

00 SIZE=+3>Jehovah Witnesses Are Wrong! (God Has Many Names!)

00 SIZE=+3>The “New Normal” Is NOT Normal (...but it is Normal)

We CAN Change The World BY...

We All Have One of Two Ends

Are You A Pew Warmer?

From Conception to Inception To DECEPTION

Ministry Never Goes On A Holiday

What Would You Do If Jesus Was Standing By Your Bed?

It Is Never Too Late To Turn Back

Even Charlatan “Christian Ministers” Accomplish God’s Will

Have You Put This On Your Bucket List?

Stop Being Offended

What Does It Mean To Love Your Neighbor?

The Devil Loves Religion

Practical Definitions Of Godly Virtues

You Are Who You Associate With

Stay Sane In This Crazy World

What Does Thanksgiving Mean To You?

People Never Die – They Just Change Locations

This Used to Be What We Practiced As Separation of
Church and State

Are You Living Life HIS Way (or)
MY Way?

Do You Have A Heavenly IRA?

Are You Walking On A Bridge To Nowhere?

The Supernatural Power Of Prayer

God’s Word Is Alive and Active

Stand Up Against Bullying!

The Secret Of Life

The Sweet Aroma Of Hearing & Understanding

What is the Opposite of JUSTICE?

Jesus The Rescuer

Is God a Noun a Verb Or BOTH For You?

Are You On A Happiness Trek Or A
Truth Trek?

Give God’s Grace In 2020

What’s Your Number?

Be Careful! Your Eyes are The Window To your Soul

Practice This Key To Win The World

God Is Speaking To You! Do You Hear His Voice?

Does The Devil Really Make You “Do It?!”

How Long is Your Rap Sheet?

Death Is The Great Equalizer

Behold The Wisdom of God

The Transformation of Your Mind

Which Yard Are you Planting?

The Only Book That Can Change You Inside and Out

Bring Your Spirit, Soul, and Body Together

Repeat or Repent?

Take Off Your Blinders!

GOD Is So In Love With YOU!

Vote: True or False

Wisdom and Understanding Is Waiting For You

Hope Is A Drop Of Color On A Cloudy Day

Stay Rooted in God’s Word

Pray For The Man In Your Life (from Head to Toe!)

Does a 'Loving God' Really 'Send' People To Hell?

Step Out Of The Shadow Step
Into The Light

A Coming CRISIS You Can Avoid

Freedom In Christ Requires Discipline

If You Know Any Of These Women Then You Have A

The World Is In Chaos But God Is In Control

A Catholic Cross That Got It Right!


Don’t Let HATE Come Near You

Are You A Child of God Or a
Son Of God?

Giving Up Royalty For Humility

Is Non-Judgment Day Coming?

Come Smell The Sweet Fragrance Of Jesus

Why You Should Say ‘I Love You’ More Often

Let The World Go Come Sit With Me Be Still

Have You Pleased God Today?

If You Have One of These THREE Attitudes About “Eternal Life”
Watch Out!

You Do NOT Have To Ask Permission To Go Into This
“Oval Office! ”

Are you a “Christian” (or a)
DISCIPLE of Christ?

My Word Is The Breath Of Life

The Devil Is On A Huge Rampage (But We Can Lock Him Up In Chains!)

Pray For Yourself

Is Your “Food” 'FDA' Approved?

Who Do YOU SAY Who Jesus Is?

Are You Like This Defiant Snake?


Are You Practicing F.A.I.T.H. (or)

God’s Divine Notes For Us

“I’m Immortal! I’m Gonna Live FOREVER!


tHEz is the Source of The VIRUS

To The World’s Turmoil

Social Distancing: YES God Distancing: NO

The Invisible Enemy

The Choice Is Yours

Being Mis-lead to a Point By Secondhand Information

Fear Accepted Is Faith Contaminated

Will A Ticket Be On Your Eternal Windshield?

Because He Lives We Can Live Each Day Without Fear

The Partnership Between Faith & Power

The True Meaning Of “Easter”

Retreat With God Each Morning

Learning A Lesson Rooted in Forgiveness

We All Live Two Lives

You Were Born To Love

Choose To Have The Mind Of Christ

God Is Always Pursuing You

Rise UP And PRAY

Hearing Divine Knowledge and Wisdom

The Ultimate Lay Away

Don’t Be Fooled By tHIS Magic Act!

This is the MOST POWERFUL Verse In The


Heed These Signs Before It Is Too Late

Is This Why (You Think) You Are Going
To Heaven?

Everyone Is Going To Heaven! (but not everyone gets to stay)

The Holy Spirit Is The Breath & Power
Of God

What Is God Revealing To You Today?

All Creation Knows God

The Road We Walk In Life Isn’t Always

The Fire of Refinement

Will Your Passport Let You Travel To This Country?

Are You A Sinner Or Are You A

The Acts of the Sons of Perdition

One Day All will Take BOTH Knees!


Are You Decorating Your Hotel Room?

Where Were You The Day Before You Were Born?

Live The Love Life!

We Cannot Thank Him Enough!

Pray! Pray! Pray! And God Will Open Their Eyes

Don’t Retaliate!

Christians! Take Your Stand!

Do You Have The True Picture Of Jesus?

The Jesus You Do NOT Want To Meet

If MY Life Was A Statue, Would It Be
Torn Down?

The Opposite of Peace Is

Please Forgive Me For the Sins That I Have Committed
Against You

There Is No 'god' The bible Is A Bunch Of Fairy Tales All christians are Naïve And Stupid
Religion Enslaves People And Is Destructive

Before You Make Any DECISION You Make A

You Cannot RECEIVE What You Do Not BELIEVE

Eternal Lives Matter! (THAT’s What Matters!)

Have You Left Your Backdoor Open?

You CAN Prevent This Existential Event!

Don’t Make A “TITANIC” Mistake

A 1 in 1,440 Chance

Foreseen, Foretold, Forgiven!

You Cannot RECEIVE What You Don’t

You Don’t Have To Do Anything To 'Go To Hell'

The Only 'Self-Help' Book You’ll Ever Need!

God Does NOT EXIST Because
Science Says So(!)

Four Words That You Will NEVER Want To Hear!


Are You 'Going Out' The Way You Think
You’re 'Going Out?'

Life Sentence Or Eternal Sentence

Conquer The Struggle Of Lying

Are You Still Crushed Under The Curse of Guilt?

God Will Never Forsake You

The Power of Perseverance is Practice

The Free Gift Of Grace

How Long Will You Live?

What Are These STUPID SIGNS? (...and why should I care?)

A Cure That You Cannot Ignore

There is More To Life Than THIS LIFE

Are You Afraid To EXIT Earth?

You Will Meet Jesus… (either NOW or LATER)

Move From Trials to Triumph

From Refugee To Redeemed

The Book of Your Life Is Being Written Right Now In

The'Golden Rule' Is NOT Enough!


1. Liar      2.Lunatic -or-

Turn Your Flicker Back Into A Flame!

The Power Of Prayer Walking

Who’s On The Throne?

Balance Your Life Every Day

Everything In This Life Is TEMPORARY

God is NOT 'Hard to Find!'

Is Your Obedience To God Based On Your FEELING or FAITH?

Letting the Leaves Of Life Fall

Cafeteria Bible Verses

Jesus Is Always With You

Which is The Least -or- Most Offensive?

From Broken To Better

Are You The Missing Piece?

Are You Going Down The Right Track?

Run The Race And WIN! 


Will You Hear Him NOW?

Jesus LIKES You

One Death Or Two, Sir??

Victory in Faith Takes Perseverance

Mis-Judging THIS BOOK By It’s Cover

You Have VICTORY In Jesus

My Golden Trumpet Was Not What It Seemed

Conman, Crank or Christ?

The Time I Went Down A Slippery Slope

Finally Standing With The TRUE STAR!

There is a Place In Heaven Waiting For You!

If I Pee Again On The Couch They’ll Still
Forgive Me,

No…You Can’t See God From Outer Space

A Sure Cure For An Incurable Virus

I Do Not Choose To Believe In a God That Sends People to HELL!

Hope For All This Difficult Christmas Season

On The SHIP Of LIFE Is Your Soul SAVED
Your Soul LOST?

Do Not Miss These Two Timely Important Videos

If The BIBLE Was Published TODAY Would It Be BANNED?

IMAGINE...There’s No Heaven IMAGINE...There’s No Hell (That is...Imagine There is NO GOD)

Things About Christmas That You Thought Were True But Are
100% WRONG

Carry Out God’s Plan For You

This is the Only TRUE PLACE to Place Our Trust

You Don’t Need To Go To A Psychic To Draw This Card

Get Healed By The Great Physician

The Most Essential Repair Manual You’ll Ever Need


God Is Getting Ready To Put On A BIG Show!

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

The Deception of Bearing FALSE WITNESS

Absolutely Nothing Is Impossible For God

Delayed Obedience Is Dis-Obedience

The One Who Is Always There

Love Always TRIUMPHS Over Hate

I Didn’t See THAT Coming!
(But God Did)

Why It’s So Good To LAUGH!!


The Difference Between Forgiven and Forgotten

Don’t Miss The Awesomeness Of God’s Creation

Bad People Go To Heaven Good People Go to Hell

Are You Having An Out of Bible Experience?

Don’t Switch The Labels Of Sin

The Devil’s Nature Is Part of His Name

Take Off Is Optional But Landing Is Mandatory

Why We Need Faith, Hope & Love


Do You See Jesus in This or Some Cryptic Code?

If Your Life Was A HEADLINE What Would It Say?

Which Way Is Your Compass Pointing?

Why People Do Not Choose Christianity

Worry is the Powerless Counterfeit For Prayer

The Difference Between Being a Child (and) Being an Adult

The Answers You Seek Are Nearer Than You Think

Guilty As Sin

Do Not Make This 'Whale' of a Mistake!

Is Your Faith A Noun Only or Both a NOUN and a VERB?

You Can Beat Your Odds Of THIS Happening

Forgiveness Is The Child of LOVE

God Will Save Your Lost Children

You Will Become What You Behold

A Robin Who Opened My Heart To The Wonder of God’s Creation

Have You Made Your Reservation To Heaven?

Are You Tuned Into The Right Frequency?

Rehab Is NOT Repentance

Which Hand Are You Holding?

LIES People Believe That Are NOT TRUE

How You can ALWAYS Get Up on the RIGHT SIDE of the Bed!

This Blood Donor Will Save Your Life!

Do Not Put-Off This “ToDo” Until Tomorrow

Does Christianity Make People 'Good??'

Three Principles For A Happy, Healthy Marriage

Your Destiny Has Already Been Written

Time Doesn’t Fly... But We Do

God Wants You To Use Your Gifts

Are You At The Center Of The Potter’s Wheel?

This is the Secret to SUCCESS!

Don’t Just 'Mind,' But DO Your OWN Business

Is There a Hell? And If So, Should I Care?

Walk Through This Door Before That Door CLOSES!

The Opposites of Clean and Straight

Our Three Deadly Enemies

The Difference Between a Wedding and a Marriage

What You Planted Yesterday Is What You Will Harvest

Does Christianity Make People 'Good??'

If People Don’t Fear God They Won’t Fear
Anything Else

Yes! There Really Are Only TWO Kinds Of People In The World

Do Not Accept False for True

If You Believe There Is No God You’d Better Be Right

May The 'Force' Be With You (?!?)

You are FORMED by how You are INFORMED

You Can’t Have It Both Ways

This 'Open Enrollment' Will Close

The Only True Prophet

A Sure Recipe For Explosive Power!

Faith in God -vs- Faith in Your Faith

After Forgiveness… Apply Mercy

Adam and Eve Were Both WOKE!

What PATH Is Your Life Program Following?

Don’t Fall For An Enemy That Appears BIGGER
Than You Think!

That Which Is NOT TESTED Cannot Be Trusted

Real JUSTICE Is Not Defined by An Adjective

You’ve Been BLINDED! So Take Off
Your Blindfold

The Difference Between HEREing & HEARing

Your HOPE Will Not Become Reality Without FAITH

A Different 80/20 Rule

The Real Reason Why The Stone Was Rolled Out Of The Way

Born Once, Die Twice Born Twice, Die Once

Will Our Pets Live In Heaven?

Are You “Prepping” With The Wrong Things?

Which Christ Do You Perceive?

God Only Honors FAITH

Don’t Be Fooled By Following What’s “In”

Your Prayers Will NOT Be Heard Without FAITH

If There is No Truth Are There Really Any Consequences?

The Spirit Behind Spiritual

Not Who You Think He Is

Belief is Either Yes or No

Transforming From A Natural To A Supernatural Body

Why Do You Go To Church?

The Hidden Danger Of Amusement

God Won’t Live In A Dirty House

We Are All At Heart, Treasure Hunters

A Grain A Sand Through The Hourglass Of Eternity

The Only Man-Made Thing That Will Be In Heaven

Are YOU “Prepared?”

Where You Are Going Is More Important Than Where You Have Been

Don’t 'BEE' Stung By The Devil!

Where Are You On The Gas-Gauge Of Life?

Are You In His Will?

Precision, Incision, Circumcision or DECISION?

Do Not Live A Life Valued By Your Souvenirs

What Do You Mean SAVED? What In The HELL Am I Being Saved From?

Going From     NO to KNOW

Do You Think That You Aren’t In Any DANGER If
You Were To DIE?

What You Permit God Will Not Defeat

God Sees The True You

It Ain’t Those Parts Of The Bible That I CAN’T UNDERSTAND
That Bother Me, It Is
The Parts That I

You’re Right... All Religions ARE BAD (And Here’s Why)

Sin is A Mistake But A Mistake Is Not A Sin

Are You Playing Russian Roulette With Eternity?

It Is Never Too Late To Turn Back

Money Doesn’t Define Character IT Reveals IT

Let’s Play “The God Casino”

You Have Faith In Strangers… But Not In God?!?

Turn Your Confession Into Your Profession!

Are People Who Believe In The Bible Really THAT STUPID (?!)

Roar As The Great Lion of Judah!

Cut The Chain To Sin

What’s Next?

Are You Ashamed Of Jesus?

You Do Not Want Him?

“I Gotta Name,” But Do YOU Have A Heavenly Name?

On Which Side Of The Cross Are You?

THIS Is Now Normal & Acceptable In Today’s World

Know About God -vs- KNOW God

Our SINS …They are many But His

Who Has Influenced Your Life The Most?

Is it 2022 A.D. (or)
2022 C.E.?

Are You In “The Book?”

Fear is of the Heart Faith is of the Spirit

Only These People Are Free From God’s Wrath

Are you FROM A Rock -or-
Standing ON
The Rock?

When Our Own Creation Rebels Against Us

Sin is a Choice (but) Choice Is Not A Sin

Moving From SURVIVE To

Which Sign Will You Obey?

The World Is Looking For A Superhero

You Don’t Have To Be In A Foxhole To Pray This Prayer

Are You Hot, Cold or Lukewarm?

Which Idol Are You Looking To?

God Created YOU To Love Yourself!

You Have To Step OUT of the Boat to Step INTO the Boat

You CAN 'Fight Sin!'

What is the Opposite of “ETERNAL LIFE?”

The Difference Between Knowledge & Wisdom

“Hath God Said…” (THAT?!?)

Shut The Door To Sin!

Are You A Child of God (or an) ADOPTED Child of God?

The One Thing God Cannot Do

Will You Hear Him NOW?

Important End-Times News Stories Worth Reading

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