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Recommended Sources

Please check out the following YouTube Channels and Web Sites for Reliable sources of Bible Teaching

   Channel  Web Site 
    Perry Stone      
     Steve Ciocclonti       
     Chuck Missler       
     Charles Larson       
     Carl Gallups       
     Mark Blitz       
    John Macarthur      
     Dr. David Regan       
     John Barnett       
     Tom Horn     N/A  
     Jonathan Cahn       
     Adrian Rogers        
     Mel Bond       
 Web Site Resource  Overview  Web Site 
  Look up and compare
verses by versions
and see Greek
Interlinear of verses
  Very effective “Sight Seller” tool for quickly
and easily presenting
the Plan of Salvation
  Answers to often
asked questions about
the Bible and
  Apologetics resources
by Dr. Frank Turek
  King James Apologetics,
Version Discrepencies
and Bible Resources
  R.A. Torrey Bible
Study Topics
  Cyclopedia of Biblical,
Theological, and
Ecclesiastical Literature
  Translations in multiple
languages, devotionals,
& much more
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
  English Translation
side-by-side with
Greek Septuagent
  Daily Christian
Commentary and
Wisdom on Life and Living
  Excellent On-Line
Bible Study
Reference and Comparisons

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