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Thursday, February 9th 2023
Publish Date Scripture
News Source Article Title
2023-02-03 Psalm 106:37 Satanic Temple To Open Free Abortion Clinic- Help Facilitate “Religious Abortion Ritual”
2023-01-29 Luke 16:15 British Wok Church Puts Gay Flag Over Altar
2023-01-28 Luke 21:12 2021 Report: Over 5,600 Christians Persecuted & Murdered
2023-01-12 Exodus 20:13 Minnesota Politician Introduces Bill To Repeal Protection For Babies That Survive Abortion
2023-01-05 2 Thessalonians 2:3 Survey: Majority of 'Pastors' Do Not Hold A Biblical World View
2022-12-31 Genesis 1:14 2023 Signs in The Heavens - Precursor To End Times Events?
2022-12-12 Matthew 24:3 Bible Prophecy News Highlights of 2022
2022-12-02 2 Corinthians 6:14 Hundreds of Texas Churches Seek to Leave United Methodist Church Over Homosexual Policies
2022-11-21 Colossians 3:8 Blasphemy! “The View” Hostess Proclaims, 'Christ Would Be the GRAND MARSHALL' of an LGBTQ Parade
2022-11-01 Leviticus 19:26 Dallas Satanic Church Performs/Encourages “Un-Baptisim” From Christianity
2022-10-31 Leviticus 19:26 Only 13% Of Pastors Discourage Participation In Halloween
2022-10-15 Isaiah 50:20 New York Govenor Declares “God Is On Our Side” On Abortion
2022-10-14 Daniel 9:26 Levite Priests in Jerusalem Rehearse For Third Temple
2022-10-07 Mark 10:14 Children’s cartoon Scooby-Doo to promote LGBT Agenda
2022-09-30 Genesis 27:41 UC Berkeley Defines “Jew-Free Zones”
2022-09-27 Revelation 13:18 QR Codes Embedded With Number Of 666
2022-09-20 Numbers 19:2 Arrival Of Red Heifers In Israel Proceeds Future Jewish Temple
2022-09-17 Genesis 11:6 Pope, World Religious Leaders Adopt ”Human Fraternity Document” Promoting CHRISTLAM— But Excludes Christ
2022-08-29 Judges 2:12-13 Open Baal Worship Of Giant Bull Appears At Sports Event in UK
2022-08-15 2 Corinthians 11:13-14 Episcopal 80th General Convention Endorses Sex-Change Operations For “Children of All Ages”
2022-07-13 Romans 1:18 Unitarian, Buddist, and Jewish Rabbi Clerics Advocate Against FL No-Abortion Law Claiming Against Their Religious Beliefs & Practice
2022-07-06 Revelation 21:5 Poll: Belief in Bible As Authoritatively True Hits All-Time Low in USA
2022-06-28 Psalm 74:7 Pro-Abortionist Kick Bible Like Soccer Ball - Throw Bibles Into Toilets
2022-06-25 Leviticus 18:21 Major Corporations Vow To Protect/Pay For Out of State Abortion Services
2022-06-24 Jude 1:4 Pope Welcomes Group Of 'Transgender' People In Papal Audience
2022-06-21 2 Timothy 3:12 Former Homosexual Says Silencing Christians Is LGBTQ Agenda’s Main Objective
2022-06-15 Proverbs 15:9 Pelosi Proclaims Drag Queens “Are What America Is All About” On Gay TV Program
2022-06-14 2 Kings 17:14 Belief in God in U.S. Dips to New Low of 81%
2022-06-11 Proverbs 20:25 New LGBT Church “hymnal” called “Songs For The Holy Other”
2022-06-02 Proverbs 16:18 Biden Adds Proclamation Recognizing 'Gay Pride Month'
2022-05-10 Leviticus 18:21 Satanic Temple Demands Abortion As A 'Religious Ritual'
2022-04-24 Genesis 11:4 Bible History Repeats? Tower Of Babel-Like Building Proposed as N. Virginia Amazon HQ
2022-04-22 Deuteronomy 22:5 Netflix Movie Touts Story of A Man Becoming Pregnant
2022-04-21 Ezekial 33:20 Franklin Graham: 'God Is Going To Judge America'
2022-04-15 Acts 20:30 OK University Hosts Drag Queen Story Hour For Children Aged 2-10 Years Old
2022-04-06 Romans 1:16 Pope Removes Cross at Malta Event to not “Offend Muslims”
2022-04-05 Revelation 13:17 World Economic Forum Calls for “One World Currency”
2022-03-22 1 Kings 11:7 Disney CEO Bob Chapek: We will create more LGBTQ-awareness content for children
2022-03-09 2 Kings 17:31 Maryland Senate Bill Seeks To Legalize Infanticide Up To 28 Days After Birth
2022-03-03 Luke 16:15 Biden SOTU Message: I Want Transgender Chidren To 'Live Up To Their God-Given Potential
2022-01-24 Genesis 11:6 Meta (Facebook) Building AI Computer Allowing “Tower of Babel” -Like World Where All Speak “One Language”
2022-01-06 2 Timothy 3:2 German Museum Promotes Play That Christ Was Transgender
2021-12-18 Revelation 13:16 Sweden Begins Embedding Chips in Hands as COVID Vacc ID
2021-12-08 John 8:58 Most Americans and Many Christians Do Not Believe Jesus Existed Before He Was Born
2021-11-16 Deuteronomy 18:10 Disney Selling & Promoting Tarot Cards to Using Witchcraft
2021-11-15 Revelation 13:16 MIT-developed Invisible Tattoo To Validate Vaccinations; Is Preview Technology For 666 Mark of the AntiChrist
2021-11-12 Matthew 24:9 Christian School Attacked By LGBT 'Community' For Teaching The Bible
2021-10-19 2 Corinthians 6:14 Mormon Church Seeks Commonality With Islam
2021-09-23 1 John 4:1 Physician ‘Horribly Injured’ After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine
2021-09-10 Ephesians 4:30 Survey: 62% of Self-Identified Christians Do Not Believe the Holy Spirit Is Real
2021-09-06 Luke 12:53 Battle Over Vaccines Separating Friends & Families
2021-08-30 Matthew 20:15 You Tube Censors Videos If They Include Prayer for Healing COVID
2021-08-26 Hebrews 3:12 Harvard Choses Atheist As Head Chaplin
2021-08-03 1 Samuel 6:7 Social Score, Like China’s, Likely Coming To The USA In the Future
2021-07-30 1 John 4:1 CDC study: 74% of Vaccinated people in Mass. Got Covid Again AND were fully vaccinated
2021-07-01 Hebrews 10:25 25%+ of People Don’t Plan On Returning to Church
2021-06-13 Romans 1:26 Disney Plus Movie Character Touted as 'Gender Fluid'
2021-06-08 Leviticus 18:22 Gallup Poll: 70% in USA Support Same-Sex Marriage
2021-06-04 John 1:7 Chinese Scientist Filed To Patent COVID Vaccine Before Epidemic
2021-05-27 2 Thessalonians 2:4 Microsoft President Says Orwhellian 1984 Could Happen by 2024
2021-05-19 2 John 1:7 43% of Millennials Don’t Know, Don’t Care, Don’t Believe God exists
2021-05-02 Luke 21:12 London Pastor Arrested For Preaching Marriage Between a Man & a Woman
2021-04-16 Hebrews 10:25 U.S. Church Membership Plunges Below 50% For the First Time
2021-04-05 Ephesians 2:8 Former Pastor & Current GA Senator Warnock says 'People Can Save Themselves'
2021-04-02 Job 8:13 L.A. Times Op-Ed Says “Godlessness Is Good For The Nation”
2021-02-26 Acts 5:29 Congressman Nadler - “God’s Will Is Of No Concern To This Congress”
2021-02-01 Romans 1:32 Biden Authorizes Flying LGBT Flags Over US Embassies Worldwide
2021-01-24 Matthew 19:6 California Church Bombed For Teaching Traditional Marriage ;
2021-01-21 Romans 1:32 Biden Inaugural Prayer Service Includes Two Transgender 'Faith Leaders'
2021-01-14 Mark 13:9 China Arresting Christians Attending Church On-Line;
2021-01-04 Exodus 20:3 US Congressman Prays BLASPHEMOUS Prayer To HINDU GOD BRAHMA;
2020-12-30 Revelation 13:17 2021 Travel May Require Having A Digital COVID “PASSPORT”
2020-12-16 Genesis 1:27 Cartoon Network Program Tells Children: There Are Many Different Genders
2020-12-03 Psalm 88:8 CDC To Start Issuing Immunity Cards According To The Department of Defense
2020-11-20 Zecheriah 12:3 U.N. Vote Overwhelmingly Supports Palestine Over Israel
2020-10-21 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 ABCnews.go Pope Endorses Homosexual Civil Unions
2020-10-02 Psalm 94:21 Satanists Argue That Abortion Is A Ritual For Their Religion
2020-10-01 2 Thessalonians 2:3 Low Percentage of American Christians Hold Biblical World View
2020-09-28 2 Timothy 3:12 Free Speech Corner Preacher In London Hyde Park Arrested For Speaking Against Islam
2020-09-24 Luke 21:12 Peaceful Outside Church Singers Arrested For Not Wearing Masks
2020-09-18 Romans 1:25 Pope Declares That Nature Has 'Mystical Capacity' To Lead to God
2020-09-09 Acts 2:20 Skies Turn Biblical Red From Massive Fires
2020-09-01 Hebrews 3:12 Over 50% of Americans Do Not Believe Jesus is God
2020-08-24 2 Chronicles 28:3 Atlanta MegaPastor: Abortion is Consistent With Christian Faith
2020-08-10 2 Chronicles 28:3 Satanic Temple Raffles Abortions - Touts Them As BLOOD SACRIFICE To Satan
2020-08-09 Hebrews 3:19 Survey: Majority of American Christians Don’t Believe the Gospel
2020-08-03 Daniel 6:7 Articles on the COVID-19 'ID' (Referenced in TV Program 310)
2020-07-20 Daniel 6:7 California Churches Sue Governor over ban against Home Bible Studies
2020-07-13 Revelation 13:7 Bloomberg Bank of England Considering Cashless System
2020-06-18 Leviticus 7;11 Study Finds COVID May Be More Effective In Affecting Certain Blood Types
2020-06-16 Genesis 1:27 Supreme Court Redefines Definition of Sex Male/Female(?)
2020-05-09 Revelation 13:18 House of Representives Bill H.R. 6666 To Track People
2020-05-08 Phillipians 3:18 Illinois Govenor Stuns With Idea of Closing Churches for a Year
2020-04-27 1 Timothy 4:1 44% of American Believers Think That Jesus Sinned
2020-04-03 John 3:10 LGBT Lobby Attacks Samaritan’s Purse COVID-19 Outreach in New York
2020-04-01 Revelation 13:16 Coronavirus Lockdown Used To Justifiy Implemention Of A Total Surveillance Society
2020-03-26 Revelation 13:7 Former British Prime Minister calls for global government to tackle coronavirus
2020-03-24 Low Percentage of American Christians Hold Biblical World View
2020-03-18 Matthew 7:15 Salt Lake Earthquake Knocks Trumpet Off Top Of Morman Temple
2020-03-10 1 Timothy 4:1 Number of practicing Christians in the U.S.A. has decreased by about half since 2000
2020-03-02 Romans 1:26 PBS Re-Booting Clifford The Big Red Dog With Two Lesbian Mothers
2020-02-27 Exodus 23:24 Paterson NJ Passes Law For Islam Call To Prayer To Be Broadcast City Wide
2020-02-11 1 Kings 11:7 VA Democrats Walk Out When Prayer Against Abortion Opens Assembly
2020-02-07 1 John 4:6 Franklin Graham Banned in UK Because of Anti LGBT & Islamic Viewpoints
2020-02-06 John 15:18; Boston Judge Rules Christian Flag Cannot Be Flown Outside City Hall
2020-02-02 Luke 21:11 Four Major Plagues Sweeping Across Asia Preview Bible End-Times Prophecy
2020-01-30 Leviticus 18:21 Methodist Pastor Prays for Women to Have the Right to Kill Their Babies in Abortions
2020-01-14 Deuteronomy 18:10 New Disney Cartoon Promotes Children to Practice Witchcraft
2019-12-31 Psalm 14:1 Growing percentage of Americans reject organized religion
2019-12-02 Genesis 17:8 U.S. Congress Votes To Support Two-State Israel-Palestine Division
2019-12-01 Acts 4:31 ProphectNewsWatch,com California Legistature Passes Bill Limiting Pastors Preaching Against LGBT
2019-11-21 1 Timothy 4:1 Walmart & Amazon Selling Children’s Book To Summon Demons
2019-11-07 Leviticus 18:21 Canaanite Idol ‘Moloch’ Put on Display in Rome
2019-11-06 1 Timothy 4:1 NBCNewscom United Methodist division declares 'safe harbor' for LGBTQ clergy
2019-10-31 Matthew 17:21 Vatican Training Priests, Exorcisims on the Rise
2019-10-18 Genesis 11:6 Scientists Look to Insect Brains as Models for Computer Chip Innovation
2019-09-30 Phillipians 3:18 Hindu Radicals Seek To Attack Christians & Make India Free of Christianity
2019-09-11 Romans 1:25; The Real Goal of LGBT: Destroy Christianity
2019-08-27 1 Peter 5:8; Jesuit Judge Corrected: The Devil NOT Symbolic Say Exercist Priests
2019-08-26 1 Timothy 4:1 Vatican Paper Encourages Diversity of Religions Aside from Christianity
2019-08-15 Psalm 66:18 First Black Mass To Be Held In Canada;
2019-08-10 Psalm 66:18 IL Passes Law Requiring Teaching LGBQT+P in Schools
2019-07-24 Matthew 10:33 City Removes “LORD” From Police Memorial
2019-07-11 Matthew 24:7 Number of Earthquakes is 3Xs Above Normal
2019-07-10 John 15:18; Attacks on Christians Quadruple in France
2019-06-24 Leviticus 20:5; Drag Queen Reads During Presbyterian Worship Service
2019-06-21 Leviticus 20:5; Alaska Government Meeting Begins with Prayer: Hail Satan!
2019-06-20 Leviticus 18:21 180 Companies Cite Supporting Abortion Good For Business
2019-06-18 Proverbs 20:12; Churches Need To Ditch Projectors & Get Back To Hymnals!
2019-06-15 Matthew 5:11 The Daily Signal Christians Now Most Persecuted Religion Worldwide
2019-05-20 1 John 4:2,3 High School Student Forced to Recite Islam Doctrine
2019-05-14 Psalm 139:16 CNN Guest says Unborn Babies Are Not Human
2019-05-12 Daniel 2:26-48 French President Proposes Ten Member Coalition
2019-05-11 1 Samuel 2:30 MA Politicans Want To Remove “God” From Oath of Office
2019-05-10 1 Corinthians 5:1 California Schools to Start Teaching Transgenderisim and Sex To Kindergardners
2019-05-09 Romans 13:1-2 School Removes GOD BLESS AMERICA After Pledge
2019-05-07 Psalm 139:16 CNN Guest says Unborn Babies Are Not Human
2019-05-04 Revelation 13:14 AI-Generated Humans Look Uncanningly REAL
2019-04-29 Isaiah 51:19 Trump Call Comforts Rabbi Shot by Anti-Semetic
2019-04-27 Genesis 12:3 San Diego Synagogue Attack Underlines Anti-Jew Hatred
2019-04-25 Revelation 13:4 Satanic Temple Designated by IRS As a Church
2019-04-18 1 Corinthians 5:1 California Schools to Start Teaching Transgenderisim and Sex To Kindergardners
2019-04-17 Phillipians 3:18 The Daily Mail UK ISIS Revels in Notre Dame Tragedy Pledges Future Attack
2019-04-13 2 Corinthians 4:4 More NO RELIGION in USA Than Catholics or Evangelicals
2019-04-12 Ezekial 37:4; 1/3 of Americans Do Not Believe Holocaust Occurred
2019-04-10 James 1:14 Catholic University President Refuse to Block Porn Filters
2019-04-09 Romans 1:16 Crosses Covered UP in Cemetary to Not Offend Other Religions
2019-04-06 Psalm 14:1 The Daily Mail - UK America Becoming More Godless Stats Show
2019-03-27 Galatians 6:7 Homosexuals Openly Co-Opt Ash Wednesday With Mock Glitter Ash
2019-03-21 Matthew 28:19 The Jesusulem Post Pope in Morocco: OUR MISSION IS NOT CONVERSION
2019-03-15 Romans 1:31 (Houston TX) Library-Reading Drag Queen Charged for Child Sex Assault
2019-03-01 Matthew 5:11 Nigerian Muslims Slaughter Christians
2019-02-26 1 Corinthians 6:9 United Methodists Church Affirms Ban On LGBTQ Agenda
2019-02-15 Romans 1:24,27 Hillsong Church Affirms Pro LGBQT Support
2019-02-03 Matthew 24:7 Sightings of Rare Fish in Japan Raise Fears of Earthquake
2019-01-29 1 John 4:2,3 High School Student Forced to Recite Islam Doctrine
2019-01-22 1 John 4:1 Rise of Satanisim in America
2018-12-26 2 Timothy 3:12; Christians Almost Extinct in the Middle East
2018-12-24 2 Corinthians 11:3 NC College Launches On-Campus Satanic Club
2018-12-18 Phillipians 3:18 CBN News China Says Christians In The Way OF Totalitarian Rule
2018-12-08 Leviticus 26:1 Jesuit Priest Promotes Catholic Rainbow Rosary
2018-12-02 Genesis 15:18 148 UN Nations Reject Jewish Ties To Jerusalem
2018-11-29 1 Corinthians 6:9 Catholic University Defends LGBT Drag Show
2018-11-24 2 Peter 2:1 Islam Now 2nd Largest Religion In Canada
2018-11-20 Isaiah 40:21 40% of Millennials Do not Know Jesus is the Baby in Nativity Scenes
2018-11-19 2 Corinthians 6:14 Colorado College Demands Allowing Atheists To Lead Bible Studies
2018-11-14 Jude 1:4 From World News Daily Atheist Pastor Approved By United Church of Canada
2018-11-09 Titus 1:11 Scotland Dicates Mandatory LGBT Teaching IN Schools
2018-10-31 2 Timothy 4:3 IN USA 'New Age' beliefs more popular than traditional religions
2018-10-17 Romans 12:1 Almost Half of U.S. Births Happen Outside Marriage
2018-10-15 Turkish President Says They Should Lead Muslim World
2018-10-11 Genesis 1:27 NYC Mayor Authorizes X-Gender on Official Documents;
2018-10-04 Ezekiel 47:10 Ezekiel's end-of-days Prophecy About the Dead Sea Coming to Life
2018-09-28 Revelation 13:16-18 India Legislates Biometric ID For Citizens
2018-09-27 John 17:17 University Removes Bibles From Guest Hotel Rooms
2018-09-08 Pastor Faces Eviction For Hosting Bible Study in Apartment;
2018-09-06 Romans 1:24 India court legalizes gay sex in landmark ruling
2018-09-05 Isaiah 5:20 Satanic Movie Movement On The Increase
2018-09-04 Numbers 19:1-2 Red Heifer Born Could Be Precursor To 3rd Temple
2018-08-18 Colossians 4:6 Lawmakers Once Taboo Use of Profanity Becomes Commonplace

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