Tuesday, May 26th 2020
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Tuesday, May 26th 2020
Read Publish Date News Source Article Title
2020-05-09 WashingtonTimes.com House of Representives Bill H.R. 6666 To Track People
2020-05-08 WashingtonTimes.com Illinois Govenor Stuns With Idea of Closing Churches for a Year
2020-04-03 PatriotNews.com LGBT Lobby Attacks Samaritan’s Purse COVID-19 Outreach in New York
2020-04-01 Independent.co.UK Coronavirus Lockdown Used To Justifiy Implemention Of A Total Surveillance Society
2020-03-26 TheGuardian.com Former British Prime Minister calls for global government to tackle coronavirus
2020-03-18 CNN.com Salt Lake Earthquake Knocks Trumpet Off Top Of Morman Temple
2020-03-10 DISRN.com Number of practicing Christians in the U.S.A. has decreased by about half since 2000
2020-03-02 BeforeItIsNews.com PBS Re-Booting Clifford The Big Red Dog With Two Lesbian Mothers
2020-02-27 BreakingChristianNews.com Paterson NJ Passes Law For Islam Call To Prayer To Be Broadcast City Wide
2020-02-11 LifeNews.com VA Democrats Walk Out When Prayer Against Abortion Opens Assembly
2020-02-07 WND.com Franklin Graham Banned in UK Because of Anti LGBT & Islamic Viewpoints
2020-02-02 TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com Four Major Plagues Sweeping Across Asia Preview Bible End-Times Prophecy
2020-01-30 LifeNews.com Methodist Pastor Prays for Women to Have the Right to Kill Their Babies in Abortions
2020-01-14 WomenOfGrace.com New Disney Cartoon Promotes Children to Practice Witchcraft
2019-12-31 FoxNews.com Growing percentage of Americans reject organized religion
2019-12-02 JPost.com U.S. Congress Votes To Support Two-State Israel-Palestine Division
2019-12-01 ProphectNewsWatch,com California Legistature Passes Bill Limiting Pastors Preaching Against LGBT
2019-11-21 EndTimeHeadlines.org Walmart & Amazon Selling Children’s Book To Summon Demons
2019-11-07 BreakingIsraelNews.com Canaanite Idol ‘Moloch’ Put on Display in Rome
2019-11-06 NBCNewscom United Methodist division
2019-10-31 10TV.com Vatican Training Priests, Exorcisims on the Rise
2019-10-18 NextGov.com Scientists Look to Insect Brains as Models for Computer Chip Innovation
2019-09-30 ChristianPost.com Hindu Radicals Seek To Attack Christians & Make India Free of Christianity
2019-09-11 PatriotNews.com The Real Goal of LGBT: Destroy Christianity
2019-08-27 LifeSiteNews.com Jesuit Judge Corrected: The Devil NOT Symbolic Say Exercist Priests
2019-08-26 LifeSiteNews.com Vatican Paper Encourages Diversity of Religions Aside from Christianity
2019-08-15 CNSnews.com First Black Mass To Be Held In Canada;
2019-08-10 TheHill.com IL Passes Law Requiring Teaching LGBQT+P in Schools
2019-07-24 MetroVoiceNews.com City Removes “LORD” From Police Memorial
2019-07-11 ABCBusinessNews.com Number of Earthquakes is 3Xs Above Normal
2019-07-10 Breitbart.com Attacks on Christians Quadruple in France
2019-06-24 ProphecyNewsWatch.com Drag Queen Reads During Presbyterian Worship Service
2019-06-21 WashingtonTimes.com Alaska Government Meeting Begins with Prayer: Hail Satan!
2019-06-20 Breitbart.com 180 Companies Cite Supporting Abortion Good For Business
2019-06-18 TheFederalist.com Churches Need To Ditch Projectors & Get Back To Hymnals!
2019-06-15 The Daily Signal Christians Now Most Persecuted Religion Worldwide
2019-05-20 DailyMail.co.uk High School Student Forced to Recite Islam Doctrine
2019-05-14 TheFederalist.com CNN Guest says Unborn Babies Are Not Human
2019-05-12 Politico.eu French President Proposes Ten Member Coalition
2019-05-11 NationAndState.com MA Politicans Want To Remove “God” From Oath of Office
2019-05-10 WashingtonExaminer.com California Schools to Start Teaching Transgenderisim and Sex To Kindergardners
2019-05-09 NeonNettle.com School Removes GOD BLESS AMERICA After Pledge
2019-05-07 TheFederalist.com CNN Guest says Unborn Babies Are Not Human
2019-05-04 Yahoo.com AI-Generated Humans Look Uncanningly REAL
2019-04-29 NewsMax.com Trump Call Comforts Rabbi Shot by Anti-Semetic
2019-04-27 MCall.com San Diego Synagogue Attack Underlines Anti-Jew Hatred
2019-04-25 FoxNews.com Satanic Temple Designated by IRS As a Church
2019-04-18 WashingtonExaminer.com California Schools to Start Teaching Transgenderisim and Sex To Kindergardners
2019-04-17 The Daily Mail UK ISIS Revels in Notre Dame Tragedy Pledges Future Attack
2019-04-13 CNN.com More NO RELIGION in USA Than Catholics or Evangelicals
2019-04-12 NewsWeek.com 1/3 of Americans Do Not Believe Holocaust Occurred
2019-04-10 Breitbart.com Catholic University President Refuse to Block Porn Filters
2019-04-09 NeonNettle.com Crosses Covered UP in Cemetary to Not Offend Other Religions
2019-04-06 The Daily Mail - UK America Becoming More Godless Stats Show
2019-03-27 LifeSiteNews.com Homosexuals Openly Co-Opt Ash Wednesday With Mock Glitter Ash
2019-03-21 The Jesusulem Post Pope in Morocco: OUR MISSION IS NOT CONVERSION
2019-03-15 ABC13.com (Houston TX) Library-Reading Drag Queen Charged for Child Sex Assault
2019-03-01 GellerReport.com Nigerian Muslims Slaughter Christians
2019-02-26 NYTimes.com United Methodists Church Affirms Ban On LGBTQ Agenda
2019-02-15 ReformationCharlotte.org Hillsong Church Affirms Pro LGBQT Support
2019-02-03 ABC17News.com Sightings of Rare Fish in Japan Raise Fears of Earthquake
2019-01-29 DailyMail.co.uk High School Student Forced to Recite Islam Doctrine
2019-01-22 DailyMail.co.uk Rise of Satanisim in America
2018-12-26 DailyWire.com Christians Almost Extinct in the Middle East
2018-12-24 TheCollegeFix.com NC College Launches On-Campus Satanic Club
2018-12-18 CBN News China Says Christians In The Way OF Totalitarian Rule
2018-12-08 PJMedia.com Jesuit Priest Promotes Catholic Rainbow Rosary
2018-12-02 WorldIsraelNews.com 148 UN Nations Reject Jewish Ties To Jerusalem
2018-11-29 TheWanderPress.com Catholic University Defends LGBT Drag Show
2018-11-24 EndTime.com Islam Now 2nd Largest Religion In Canada
2018-11-20 NeonNettle.com 40% of Millennials Do not Know Jesus is the Baby in Nativity Scenes
2018-11-19 BrianSussman.com Colorado College Demands Allowing Atheists To Lead Bible Studies
2018-11-14 From World News Daily Atheist Pastor Approved By United Church of Canada
2018-11-09 TheGuardian.com Scotland Dicates Mandatory LGBT Teaching IN Schools
2018-10-31 TheHill.com IN USA 'New Age' beliefs more popular than traditional religions
2018-10-17 BloombergQuint.com Almost Half of U.S. Births Happen Outside Marriage
2018-10-15 Yenisafak.com Turkish President Says They Should Lead Muslim World
2018-10-11 ChristianPost.com NYC Mayor Authorizes X-Gender on Official Documents;
2018-10-04 BreakingIsraelNews.com Ezekiel's end-of-days Prophecy About the Dead Sea Coming to Life
2018-09-28 ActivistPost.com India Legislates Biometric ID For Citizens
2018-09-27 KSL.com University Removes Bibles From Guest Hotel Rooms
2018-09-08 ChristianPost.com Pastor Faces Eviction For Hosting Bible Study in Apartment;
2018-09-06 BBC.com India court legalizes gay sex in landmark ruling
2018-09-05 CharismaNews.com Satanic Movie Movement On The Increase
2018-09-04 GodInANutShell.com Red Heifer Born Could Be Precursor To 3rd Temple
2018-08-18 TheHill.com Lawmakers Once Taboo Use of Profanity Becomes Commonplace

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