Article No. 0475

Victory in
Faith Takes

“Persevere in prayer
And be watching in it.”

Colossians 4:2

NotDonkeyOrLamb Back in the late ’60s, there was great strife in our country, and today the level of degree of division and disagreement is even greater that - and that to an even higher and disturbing degree.

With such a high and agitated degree of discord and division in our country, it is very disheartening to see how far we have all fallen from what our founding fathers conceived as a UNION of thirteen separate states to become “The UNITED States.” Their declaration and intention was for a people of all races and religions to live united together under ONE banner and ONE national identity.

Today that national identity is being challenged and threatened to be divided against itself. So what is the answer to this division? It is called faith, BOLD FAITH that despite what forces are working against our national unity that God is with us, and that through fervent prayer for our country we can come together again and rise above whatever corruption and evils that have been hidden by our leaders and for these evils to be revealed. 

It isn’t enough to say “I have faith,” because faith is a CHOICE you make, and it takes hard work and perseverance to work it out and live and walk in it every moment of the day. Noah and his family persevered for 120 years when building the ark, Moses did before the Red Sea, Job persevered through his affliction, and Jesus did on the cross.

In this time of trial LET US PRAY with all our hearts for our country, our president, congress, and courts that God’s truth and justice prevail and we will once again be ONE Nation Under God.

Only through the Lamb of God can this be possible!

Hold on, walk and live in FAITH in GOD and PERSEVERE

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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