Article No. 0845

Feed On
The Word of God

“Man shall not live
By bread alone but
By every word of God.”

Luke 4:4

FeedOnTheWord Food is an essential part of continuing to live. Without food, the body will eventually become weak and die. Likewise, God’s WORD is Spiritual Food and without it, our spiritual man will also grow weak and eventually die. That’s why it is so vital to also daily take in God’s Word to nourish our spirit.

It is not enough to just think about God’s Word, but to daily cast your eyes upon it. Just as we start our day with breakfast and end with dinner, we also need to start and end each day with the Word (...and a few 'snacks' of scripture along the way are OK too!)

Now think about this...if you are physically hungry, just thinking about a steak and a potato aren’t going to feed you. Even if you can perfectly remember what they taste like, that memory provides no nourishment to the body. Again likewise, there is something tangible about physically casting our eyes daily upon the Word of God that feeds the soul.

Friend, do not neglect to feed your soul daily with God’'s Word, because when you do, your spiritual self will always be Strong & Healthy.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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