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Ghosts Are Real
So What Does That

“But when the disciples saw him (Jesus)
Walking on the sea,
They were terrified, and said,
'It is a GHOST!'
And they cried out in fear.”

Matthew 14:26

Ghosts As a Boy Scout I attended summer camp at Camp Navarro deep in the back woods of Mendocino County, California. It was a great week of scouting, but boys being boys, we got into some trouble one day and are scout master gave us an unusual and highly scary (and memorable) punishment for our misbehaving.

Navarro had many separate camps for each troop scattered throughout the woods of three-sided lean-tos, but that night our scoutmaster moved us into one never used camp that was said to be haunted by the ghost of the last surviving Pomo Indian.

With beady, scared eyes we all stared for a couple of hours into the darkness. Shortly after midnight about thirty yards away, a bluish-white apparition of an Indian with a flowing robe and a feather in his head glided before us, hovering a few inches off the ground.

Throughout history, ghosts and spirits have been seen, studied, and believed in by many, and as today’s verse says, even the disciples knew of and believed in their existence. Jesus also taught extensively on the existence of hell and demons, and today these ideas of hell and the supernatural are popularized in movies and are commonly accepted that are just as real as my frightful encounter that night.

So what’s the point, Pastor Wayne? And it is simply this.

If there was a so-called 'Big Bang,' and all that is is simply the result of billions of years of evolution and physical interaction, how is it then that there is a non-physical Spiritual World?!?

The reality is that there IS a spiritual world which MEANS is that just as the Bible teaches there are supernatural forces of both good and evil in operation around us.

Friend, what this means is that the Unholy spirit of The Devil is REAL and the Holy Spirit of God is REAL, and that poses an important, eternal question.

There will be a day when YOU will enter into the spiritual realm, and when you do, which spiritual realm will you enter?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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