Article No. 0838

When Plan B
Should Have Been
Plan A

“There is a way
That seems right to a man,

Proverbs 14:12

Plan-A-or-B Sometimes we know what we ought to do, and deep down know it’s the right thing to do, but then we have doubts and second-guess ourselves reasoning that there is a better way. Almost invariably, this leads to a bad-end tinged with regret and unintended consequences.

The Bible gives us several salient examples where significant people in scripture were told the right thing to do but did what they thought was best, each of which reaped a bad harvest for the bad fruit of their impetuous actions.

While Moses obediently acted in strong faith and miraculously led his people out of Egypt though the miracle of the parting of the red sea, when the nation was out of water in the desert the LORD told him to strike a rock once for the waters to pour forth, but when it didn’t immediately flow, his “Plan B” was to strike the rock again. For his lack of obedience, the generation that had escaped from Egypt were then banned from entering into the promised land.

God called a heathen man Abram out of the land of UR and promised him that he would bear a son and be the father of a people “more numerous than the stars in the sky.” But after many years and no child came forth his “Plan B” was to father this child with their Egyptian handmaiden Haggar, and from this brought forth the Arab nations who are the enemies of the Jews to this day.

But the most grievous act of acting contrary to God’s will was Eve eating of the forbidden fruit – and enticing Adam to do the same – and their “Plan B” caused all humanity to be under the curse of sin and death!!;

Friend, when God speaks to you through His word or through prayer, always follow His PLAN A and you will never go wrong, otherwise you will certainly reap the bad-fruit of the ending of today’s verse.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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