Article No. 0831

You Never Have To
Apologize For Something

“Be Quick to Listen,
Slow to Speak, and
Slow to Anger.”

James 1:19

ListenFirstSpeakNext Words are POWERFUL, and when used correctly they can inspire, empower, and enable people - and even whole nations - to go above and beyond. On the other hand, a wrong word spoken thoughtlessly in haste can be equally powerful and lead to devastating results, therefore it is vital to always choose your words carefully.

Many a public figure — be they a celebrity, politician, or person of prominence — have hurt their reputation by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. This also happens in business meetings, social events, or family gatherings - and the aftermath and playback for a misspoken word or comment can last days, months, or even years.

As today’s scripture verse reminds us, be slow to speak, never speak out of anger and guard your tongue AND LISTEN! and then you will Never have to apologize for something you DIDN’T SAY!

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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