Article No. 0829

What The Gospel
(…and what it IS NOT)

Thou hast
Brought Up My Soul From The Grave:
Thou hast
Kept Me Alive,
That I should not go down to the Pit.”

Psalm 30:3

JesusSavesOutOfTheGrave Perhaps the biggest ob-jection, re-jection, and con-jection (i.e. together people throwing out resistance) to receiving the message of the Gospel is: 'If there really is a 'god' then he has to be one sadistic being to punish people for eternity.' At first glance, that may seem logical or even reasonable, but what is missing in this view is not understanding God’s true nature and motivation towards people.

The Bible repeatedly describes God as loving, kind, merciful, patient, nurturing — and most importantly — Christ as SAVIOUR, not SLAYER.

So friend, here is the true gospel and a loving plea to all who will choose to heed it:

The Gospel is IS NOT God hatefully saying:
Turn to Me or I’ll send you to hell.”

The Gospel IS God’s Mercy & Grace saying:

“Because of the curse of sin
You’re already on your way to Hell,
Turn to Me, and I’ll Save You”

Friend, you can let Christ lift you out of the grave of sin and death or allow the hand of the evil one to drag you down to the Pit. As always, the choice to either receive or reject this message IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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