Article No. 0825

When God Is Working
Behind The Curtain

“He will bless you in the land
That the Lord your God is giving you.”
Deuteronomy 28:8
“What I do thou knowest not now;
But thou shalt know hereafter.”

John 13:7

GirlWaiting+Clock Life is about timing, and God is very much about timing! The problem is OUR Timing and expectations often don’t match up with HIS Timing, and then we wonder and get frustrated and ask, “Why hasn’t God answered my prayer? I know He knows how important this is to me, but nothing is happening?!” Well hold on! The Lord isn’t ignoring you, but instead working behind the scenes for your eventual good, leading you in ways you cannot yet see.

In life, we all go through rough times, but God’s Word says that after that trail, He will bring us out “Into A Wealthy Place.” That is, the place that He intended for us to go and grow. While we may not see that answer to prayer right now, but as today’s verse says “thou shalt know thereafter” in His perfect time.

Your Father in heaven knows what is best for you. He has stitched His Name within your soul, so rest and be secure and safe because He has you and you’re best interests are in His hands!

God will indeed “Bless you in the land” that He is bringing you to, but wait for it patiently and trust His timing, and remember this...when things may not appear to be happening, God is 'working behind the curtain,' so patiently wait and trust His ways, and THEN “thou shalt know hereafter” what His plan was all along!

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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