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Let Go Of

“The soul of the sluggard
Craves and gets nothing while
The soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”

Proverbs 13:4

Procrastinate At some point we’ve all been guilty of putting off what is important. But what if what was so important meant that putting it off would have a major consequence? Well, that’s where obedience comes in!

Perhaps the best example of this in the Bible when God gave Noah the assignment to build and finish the Ark. Noah undoubtedly thought, “This is a huge task! Is such a thing even possible??” But despite that, did he procrastinate or just give up? Nope! Throughout this long, arduous task, Noah pressed on forward methodically day after day, and as the account in Genesis says persevered faithfully for one hundred twenty years until it was finally finished. If Noah had procrastinated, he would have realized his huge error after it was too late, yet instead of procrastinating, Noah obeyed God without question or hesitation and everything just as God commanded him.

Likewise, is there something today that is really important to do, but you keep putting it off? As today’s verse says, don’t be like the 'sluggard' but be determined like Noah! Start and finish your task and youwill be rewarded with the completion of something important that will produce a positive outcome. But in particular there is one VERY IMPORTANT thing you should NEVER procrastinate on!

Friend, if you have not done so, do not procrastinate onaccepting God’s invitation to forgive you of your sins, because the “Soul of the Diligent” is richly supplied for eternity to all those that faithfully finish their faith.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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