Article No. 0782

The Bible Said It!
Many Will Make Fun
Of What Is To Come

“Understand this! In the last days
There will be SCOFFERS
Motivated by their own Evil Desires.
They’ll say, 'What Happened To This
Jesus Coming Again Thing?'

This has been going on a long time
And NOTHING has changed! ”

2 Peter 3:3-4
EndOfTheWorldBusStop Yeah, right. We’ve heard this 'Jesus is coming and he's coming soon' deal before, so where is he? What a joke. You people are so stupid.

Two thousand years ago this is exactly what the Bible said what people would say.

Today the signs are clearer than ever that these are indeed the End Times. One look at the news and observe the collapse of our cities, society falling into decay, increased lawlessness, plagues and severe earth changes and it is clear that we are living in a time where things are so turned around that almost three thousand years ago Isaiah 5:20 said

“Woe unto them that
Call EVIL GOOD, and good evil;
And light for darkness;
That put bitter for sweet,
And sweet for bitter”

It follows that especially today in a world that is truly turned around sexually, morally and spiritually that making fun of the Bible – and especially of the return of Christ – makes perfect sense. And not only that, but as Romans 1:32 confirms that those that scoff not only enjoy poking fun out of Christ’s return, but gleefully celebrate with others that also do the same.

If you don’t think that Christ is coming back, you have 100% free will to not believe and make fun of it as much as you like. But when – not IF – He returns, please heed these words:

“For the invisible things of him (God)
From the creation of the world are
Being understood by the things that are made,
Even his eternal power and Godhead;
So that they are

Romans 1:20

Friend, please do not place yourself in a situation where you will stand before Christ WITHOUT EXCUSE and be SPEECHLESS. (Matthew 22:12) Recognize, believe and CONFESS Christ as LORD.

Today it’s your time.
Today is the Day of Salvation.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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