Article No. 0773

The Belief Switch

“He that believeth on him
Is NOT condemned: but
Be that believeth NOT
Is condemned already,
Because he hath not believed
In the name of the
Only begotten Son of God.”

John 3:18

TheBeliefSwitch The words of Jesus in the Gospel of John chapter three are very clear.

In the famously repeated verse of John 3:16 He explains that God loved the world so much that gave His son Jesus, then elaborates why in the next verse saying “God did not send (Jesus) into the world To CONDEMN the world, But to SAVE the world through Him.”

This is the Gospel Message Plain & Simple of God’s love and redemption for mankind yet sadly – for whatever reason – some people will refuse to believe it.

As today’s verse clearly says it is a false premise that 'God Sends People To Hell,' because condemnation does not come from God, but from all those that do not turn on THE BELIEF SWITCH. It is belief that saves and non-belief that condemns.

Friend, 1 Timothy 2:4 says that God’s will is that ALL be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth,” and that choice to believe or NOT believe is a choice every person will consciously (or unconsciously) make.

So now presented with the question...
Do you BELIEVE God’s promise of salvation or NOT BELIEVE it?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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