Article No. 0764

Find Out
For Yourself

“Seek, and ye shall find.”
Matthew 7:7

ExamineForYourself “How many named moons around Jupiter?”

According to NASA, if you said 79, you were right, but how do you know? Well, because someone Told You that’s the answer... but how did you know that’s correct? Examining it yourself would be unreasonable but in this case it’s reasonable to believe others.

So then, “How many moons are around the earth?” is an answer we can seek out ourselves.

If that’s the case, now consider this...

When it comes to “Is the Bible TRUE??” instead of also seeking the answer out for ourselves, most people (maybe you?) instead believe what others say about it like that it’s

  • Full of contradictions and discrepancies.
  • Not historically true or accurate
  • Miracles are not scientifically possible
  • Espouses unscientific events like the flood/6-day creation
  • A collection of myths and 'old wives tales'
  • Not possible for people to rise from the dead.
  • Been Translated so many times as to be meaningless
  • Just 'wishful thinking' of people hoping there is a heaven

So, if most (or all) of these are 'true' do you know this because YOU decided to SEEK the truth about it for yourself, or You Just Believed What Others Said??

As today’s verse says, if you truly SEEK (and not reading a few verses here and there) you will be surprised that everything others have said was false.

Friend, do not let others tell you what the Bible says.


God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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