Article No. 0763

Are You Sure
About That
“The Devil Is Cool”

“Those That Hate Me
Love Death

Proverbs 8:36

DevilTattoo+Man In an interview, a popular TV personality talking about his life said two astounding things.

First that he wanted to go to hell instead of heaven 'So I can party with my friends,' and that he thought that 'The devil is COOL.' Just look around today at so many people in public and you’ll see that many others confirm their allegiance in the flesh to death by covering their body with tattoos of Satan, Snakes, Skulls and chains and barbed wire.

Think about that for a moment.

As today’s scripture says, these are souls that unwittingly hate anything good and cleave to those things that will instead suck them down into a horrible demise.

Today it may seem cool or in-style to 'tat-up' but the Bible says that this road is wide and that many will be dupped into following the crowd and go down it to their destruction.

If you have started down this road (tattoos or no tattoos) here’s the good news...

You CAN change direction and move from 'loving death' to Living Eternal Life!! How? By CONFESSING that Christ is the only true Lord and BELIEVING in your heart that Jesus rose from the dead.

Friend, it is NEVER too late to turn back to God! Do not believe the lie from “the father of lies” that the devil has bought and owns your soul! Your release and salvation is only one step away. God can and will take the SIN out of your SKIN and give you a love for Life instead of Death.

Will you let him?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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