Article No. 0742

How Can You
If You Have Not

“Taste and see that
The LORD is good:
Blessed are those that
Trust in him”

Psalm 34:8

TasteAndSeeThatTheLordIsGood An atheist professor spoke adamantly at a conference that he knew that there is no proof of god. The audience all enthusiastically affirmed his brilliantly crafted words with clapping and cheers except for one man quietly sitting in front of him slowly eating an apple.

The professor, noticing the man’s calm demeanor suddenly stopped his speech, leaned forward with a clenched fist raised at the man challenging him why he did not agree with the rest of the crowd.

The fellow replied, “Is the apple I’m eating SWEET or BITTER?

The professor, puzzled by such a silly response asked, “How could I possibly know the answer to that unless I tasted it?!?” and the man replied, “Well, if you had tasted and seen the God that I know, you would know how sweet and good HE IS.”

Friend, God is real and He is good, and He IS THERE TO EXPERIENCE, but you won’t KNOW what He is like until you “Taste and see that the LORD IS good” and that He is also indeed GOD. A brilliant dazzling night sky full of stars and watching the annual miracle of winter exploding into spring is a good start, so why not give this 'God' and 'Bible' thing a chance? The proof is in the experience.

You might be really surprised what you taste.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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