Article No. 0728

The Danger Of
Going From

“One evening David was strolling around
On the roof of the palace
Where he saw a very beautiful woman bathing.”

2 Samuel 11:2

The story of King David’s affair with Bathsheba started when three things came into alignment.

David had elected to stay back in his palace instead of leading his armies that were engaging an enemy. One night while on a casual walk upon the roof of his palace he happened to glance down below and saw a woman bathing. The verse implies that she was naked, but instead of turning his eyes away he began intently gazing at her beauty. In doing so, this story contains three important lessons on how this can quickly lead to sin.

First, whenever you are in a situation where temptation is possible, it will always end in setting yourself up for a fall.

For example, purposely going into a worldly night club or wandering onto a web page with salacious pictures is a situation ripe for following into temptation. Like David, instead of being where he should have been as a military leader, he elected to kick back to the comfortable pleasures of his palace.

Second, while he had a chance to avert his glance and respect this woman’s privacy and make a decision to avert his attention, he instead chose to gaze upon her which led to temptation and an even greater sin.

Today (and especially on-line) we are continuously subjected to pictures and 'click-bait' links that appeal to our lower nature. Also when out and about or watching TV or a movie in a moment it is easy to turn from a casual glance to a glaring GAZE at something or someone that we should not be looking at.

Friend, make a concious decision that when you see ANYTHING that is not honoring to a life of faith and obedience,



God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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