Article No. 0727

Nothing Is
Restrained In This
“New World Order”

“ And the LORD said, Behold,
The people is one, and they have
And this they begin to do
And now nothing will be restrained from them
Which they have imagined to do.”

Genesis 11:6

OneLanguage The much ballyhooed “New World Order” is NOT some future event. It is here NOW…But It’s Not “New!”

4,500 years ago the entire world was united as one, and together they created a tower that reached into heaven seeking to make themselves equal with God. As today’s scripture verse says, there literally was 'nothing restrained from them that they could do.'

The exact same thing is happening again today.

In a cyclical parallel, the entire world is also combining their resources together to weave a web of information augmented by Artificial Intelligence (AI). People of every tongue can not only work together in 'One Language,' but through unlimited computing power and data storage are becoming totally unrestrained to create a new world of GOD-LIKE POWERS.

The Bible says that just as it was at the Tower of Babel, people today are again rebelling against God in the smugness of their collective power to imagine a new world of 'Human 2.0' with a brain chip that connects you directly to the Internet. What they don’t see — just as it was centuries ago — is that Their Collective Oneness & Technology Will NOT Save Them.

The answer is not the False promise of re-programming DNA for Extended Life, but the True promise of Jesus Christ for ETERNAL LIFE.

Friend, technology cannot save you or the world - but Christ can.

Put your trust and future IN HIM.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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