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“We are laborers
Together with God.”

1 Corinthians 3:9

PartnerWithGod Partnerships are powerful! We see them all the time in the business world where major companies partner with other companies to accomplish things they could not have done on their own. For example, Boeing makes jets, but they partner with companies that make jet engines so with both working together, planes are able to fly.

Who you choose to partner with will determine how successful you will be. This is especially true in choosing a marriage partner, where the wrong choice can be a tragic disaster while the right person can be the biggest blessing. The same thing can be said for any endeavor we undertake in life.

Imagine you were setting out on an important project and had the chance to partner with any one of the most powerful or richest people in the world! What would that mean to how successful your project would be?

Well if you are a believer, follower, and disciple of Christ, you already have the very best partner you could possibly have!

The Bible says “With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” and that is because God wants you to succeed and prosper in all you set out to do…but here’s the catch...

Friend, God wants to partner with you, but in order to be successful in this partnership, let Him lead! While we are co-laborers with God, your success is GUARANTEED when you fly with God as your SENIOR PARTNER!

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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