Article No. 0722

Come Out
Of This

“He drew me up
From the pit of destruction,
Out of the miry bog and
Set my feet upon a rock
Making my steps secure.”

Psalm 40:2

DevilHorns While some in the world were shocked to see the Grammy awards performance of the song of the year winner ’UNHOLY’ (as it was called) blatantly presented complete with demonic dance performed in red costumes with devil horns, those in attendance instead CELEBRATED by wearing lit devil horns on their heads, no doubt joined in glee by millions of TV on-lookers.

This open display of evil is propagating like ’wild fire’ and encouraging people to not only accept but CELEBRATE the devil and mock Christianity and God. However, none of satan’s schemes for fame are shocking to God because He has seen it all since satan’s fall from heaven. Ever since, satan has sought to be worshipped, and today he does so through Hollywood award programs and mega-events like the “Super Bowl.”

While every single person on this planet is precious to God (even those wearing devil’s horns) He is lovingly Long Suffering & Patient with man’s rebellious ways, yet His patience will very soon RUN OUT.

God is a Righteous God and most assuredly every single human being will stand before Him on Judgement Day as He takes an account of each life on earth. This is why every Christian who is reading this needs to make a conscientious intention to carry JESUS everywhere you go, not only in your countenance, but in your words and actions, so that people can see TRUE LIGHT, and not be blinded by the false light being sold to the masses.

Time is running out!! The Lord commands all that are in Him that while living in this world, we are not be a part of this world. Make sure that you live your life that way, and not participating or celebrating the ever increasing evil growing around us.

Friend, if you don’t know Christ, please come to HIM! Don’t follow anything that the devil entices you to see or do, because he is full of lies and deceit. He is destroying so many thousands of souls who are blind to his ways and are weak minded. Direct your life toward Christ who will show you a life full of joy and abundance, because He alone is The Way, The Truth and the Life!

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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