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Is The Bible
Or A

“God’s way is perfect.
The Word of the LORD

2 Samuel 22:31

Bible-or-Lie Today’s scripture verse among many others proclaims that the Bible is God’s Word and is TRUE, but there are many that not only disagree with that but say it not only IS a lie, but that letters hidden in the very word itself spell when re-arranged show that it IS a lie!

In our technologically advanced, evolved, educated and 'enlightened' culture in particular, taking the Bible seriously has become more and more a joke along with those foolish enough to actually believe in it. That statement is 100% true! — …that is you’ve only glanced at a few passages here and there! However upon an honest inspection, there are thousands of curious “coincidences” that defy not only logical scrutiny but mathematical probability. Here are a few examples:

  • Noah: God’s instruction was to build the ark in the ration of 30:5:3 – the same ratio used by modern ship designers. How would someone like Noah know that having supposedly never even seen a boat?
  • Genesis Genealogy: The meanings of the names of the first ten men (from Adam to Methuselah) encode the Bible message! Together their name-meanings spell out the Gospel message of salvation!: “[Adam] Man (was) [Seth] appointed [Enosh] mortal [Kenan] sorrow (but) [Mahalalel] the Blessed God [Jared] shall come down (and) [Enoch] teaching [Methuselah] His Death (i.e. Christ) shall bring
  • Name of YAHWEH numerically encoded in Pentateuch: Skipping 49 (7x7) letters (in Hebrew) from Genesis forward to Leviticus spells God’ name and working backwards from Deuteronomy to Leviticus every 49th letter also spells His name.

There are literally hundreds of other examples like this too numerous for here! So before you assume the Bible is not true and just an ancient collection of stories and myths, find out for yourself instead — “Let God be TRUE, but every man a LIAR.” (Romans 3:4)

Will YOU give the Bible a chance to be TRUE?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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