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THE Most

“Keep back thy servant also from
Let them not have dominion over me:
Then shall I be upright, and I shall be
Innocent from the great transgression.

Psalm 19:3

PresumptuousSin Most people think of doing wrong as a series of more serious sin on a graduated scale. That is a little white lie like 'The check is in the mail' is a lot less serious than murder.

Galatians 5:19 lists seventeen serious sins, from adultery to wild partying — and a lot of other grevious things inbetween — but none of them is greater than the PRESUMPTOUS SIN. So what is this sin and why is it the most damning?

Inwardly, everyone has a conscience, and when any of the so-called “deadly sins” are committed, people deep-down know they shoudn’t be doing them, but because it feels right or it’s justified in their mind...they do them anyway. However this most deadly of all sins circumvents conscience.

You see, whenever we presume, that is – determine in our minds that what we choose to do or believe is “right” and perfectly OK we fly in the face of the truth, and the #1 presumption of this is “I do not need (or) believe in God.” That, for certain is the surest way to eternal destruction because then you will be NOT innocent from the great transgression and final judgement of God.

This is serious! ALL SINS – no matter how heinous you’ve committed in this life — are forgivable, but the presumptuous sin is the great cosmic sucker punch you NEVER saw coming.

Friend, DO NOT make this - THE biggest of all mistakes.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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