Article No. 0707

Christ Saves Us From
Not From

“When we were dead in sins,
God saved our life through Christ,
(by grace you are saved)

Ephesians 2:5

SavedFromSin What would happen if you fell out of a plane? Well, the falling part through the air might be exciting...the crash landing — Not So Much!

In this illustration, SIN is the Falling and HELL is the Crash, but if you are saved from the falling, then there is no consequence of the crash! This is just how salvation works.

You see, salvation is not about God saving us from hell — although that IS the end result. Rather He is Saving Us From (the fall of) Sin by His love and grace for us.

Sadly many people choose instead to 'fall into sin' and the Bible says that they will indeed “Enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season ” (Hebrews 11:25) However it’s not the fall, but the crash at the end of the fall that kills them. Sin was just the vehicle that got them there.

Friend, no matter how far you have fallen through the dark sky of sin, God can and WILL snatch you and pull you back into the safety of Salvation. It is never too late to avoid the crash into Hell. All you need do is ask and trust him to save you and HE WILL.

What kind of landing are you headed for? Is it a smooth landing in heaven or a certain crash to Hell?

It’s your choice to FALL & CRASH or FLY & SOAR with the Saviour.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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