Article No. 0675

11th& 12thCommandments

“ And this is HIS Commandment, that
#11- We should BELIEVE on the name
Of his Son Jesus Christ and
#12- LOVE one another

1 John 3:23

10+11th+12thCommandments Did you know that Jesus added two more commandments to the original ten? Yes, He did! And together they not only point the way to salvation, but they also give us the perfect guideline on living our life now and into eternity.

As Jesus said in Matthew 5:17 “I have not come to revoke The Written Law or The Prophets…but to fulfill them” and this is exactly what these two commandments do!

You see, these 'New' commandments aren’t really new as much as they are a succinct summary of the original ten where the first four speak of HONORING GOD and the remaining six of showing RESPECT to OTHERS.

Likewise, BELIEVING GOD and His promise of salvation in Christ honors God by taking Him at His Word as true, and LOVING OTHERS is the positive opposite of the last six commandments about how we treat others.

So Friend, if you really want to “Obey God,” follow commandments 11 & 12 and you will also have fulfilled all of the law.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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