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“The Fear Of The LORD
Is the beginning of knowledge,
But fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Proverbs 1:7

FearOfCC.jpg In the Bible the phrase (or a variation) of “FEAR GOD” appears close to a hundred times, but what exactly does that mean?

Well, an earthly example of that was in Navy bootcamp. As a scared 17-year-old there were always big men with stripes on their sleeves constantly yelling at us. We knew that we had better 'toe the line' and shape up because if not there would be consequences, and it was important for us to strictly obey every order we were given — as uncomfortable and often difficult as they were.

Life on earth is a lot like 'bootcamp.' The goal is to navigate this world and successfully graduate and not 'wash out,' and to do that means to LISTEN and OBEY all the commands and warnings given, because they ultimately are for our own good. Just as in bootcamp, then and only then could we graduate with honor as good sailors and become “Men in the United States Navy.”

Likewise, the “Fear of God ” means that we are to not only respect and listen to what God says, but to do all He says for OUR ULTIMATE BENEFIT. To rebel against this is the earthly equivalent of getting a 'Dishonorable Discharge' and being kicked out of the place to where you ultimately belong.

Friend, as today’s verse reminds us, it is a wise thing to Fear God, but foolish to go your own way. In the Navy, we had NAVPERS (Navy Personnel Regulations) but in this life We have BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.) If you follow that manual carefully and fear the one who wrote it, you can never go wrong!

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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