Article No. 0673

Your Name Was Just Called!
Are You Listening?

“Many are CALLED but
Few are CHOSEN.”

Matthew 22:14

Number153_was_called Several years ago, I was called for jury duty. Upon checking in, I received my juror number, was directed into a large room of a hundred people and told to come forward when my number was called.

After almost an hour of waiting, a clerk came in and announced: “Number 153”

Nobody stirred, and I assumed someone was not paying attention.

“Number 153?” The voice cried out again in a slightly louder note, and again no one answered. Then an exasperated cry of “Number 153!” and I realized that I WAS 153!

After I answered the call, I was one of the jurors selected, however if I wasn’t listening or chose to ignore the call, I could have NOT been “Chosen.”

God’s call to you is exactly like being in that room full of people. It’s easy to get preoccupied in this room of life, but Jesus is calling your name. As He said, 'many are called' - but in order to respond you must listen and pay attention to hear His voice.

Friend, this is true for you too. God is calling your number right now! Your name has been selected for heaven and eternal life as you read this, and the question is:


God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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