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Will Power
Heart Power

“But God be thanked that
Ye were the servants of sin, but

Romans 6:17

Thinking2Ways Today’s short scripture verse is a powerful lesson on how to overcome the weakness of our fleshly desires. All of us have done something wrong, and while we applied 'Will Power' to obey, we fell to temptation and did it anyway.

Sound familiar?

The reason why is that while our THOUGHT intentions are good, obedience doesn’t emanate from the Mind but from the Heart.

In order to truly obey we need to carefully LISTEN. The original Greek word for OBEY means 'Listen LOW,' that is to God’s still, small, quiet voice. Because our spirit is tied to God through the heart and not the mind, then and only then can you really hear His voice, and then obedience becomes possible.

Be a Servant of God (and not of sin!) by OBEYING FROM YOUR HEARTand you will never fail.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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