Article No. 0668

Buying Back Something
That Was LOST
But Now Is

“You Were Not Bought With
Corruptible Things, (like money)
But With The Priceless
Blood of Christ.”

1 Peter 1:18-19
(Paraphrased and shortened for clarity)

FindingThatWhichWasLost An artist friend and I once were in a little country antique store. From floor to ceiling were interesting items from home, farm, and field. As we walked through there on a hot, humid afternoon, she suddenly stopped at one picture that was not hidden behind piles of junk. It was a painting that she had created many years ago that had become LOST over time into the world but now was FOUND, and she immediately REDEEMED it, joyously bringing it back to herself.

Likewise, we are like that lost painting! We were made by our creator, LOST in this world, but have always been a precious picture in God’s eyes. Just like my artist friend, God also delights in finding and redeeming us back and does so with something far great than money, and that is the Blood of Christ which was paid for our redemption.

Friend, the Bible tells us that Christ came into this 'store of the world' to “To seek and to save that which was LOST.” [ Luke 19:10 ] There’s just one catch! Don’t be hiding behind the junk of this world, but be open to being found!

While God is seeking you, you ought also to be seeking Him.

Are you open to being found?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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