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Short Term Gain =
Long Term Loss

“ Abraham’s son Isaac had twin sons; Esau the firstborn
and by birthright, heir to the family fortune, and Jacob the younger.
One day Esau came back from working hard, exhausted and begged his brother
to feed him some red pottage. Jacob said, he would… if he would trade it
for his birthright, and Esau said, 'Since I feel like I’m about
to die anyway, what good is my birthright now?'
So he sold his birthright unto Jacob for a pottage of lentiles and
bread and he ate and drank, rose up, then went his way.”

Genesis 25:30-39
(Heavily Paraphrased and condensed for clarity)

This story has a direct application to how people live their lives. Although they may not be exhausted to the point of dying like Esau, they gladly trade their eternal reward and rest for the short-term pleasures of this world. As good as a great job, home, money and possessions are, they are like one satisfying meal of a 'Bowl of Soup' compared to what God is offering his 'firstborn.'

So who are these firstborn Today?

Symbolically when people come to the place of asking God for forgiveness for all the wrongs of their lives, and purpose in their hearts to be obedient to Him, then their spirit is Born Again [ John 3:3,7 ] and they become a 'firstborn' child into God’s kingdom. However, those that do not accept this gift of eternal life sell their soul to the short-term pleasures of this world, getting all the gusto they can get, (like an old TV ad once said) but like that bowl of soup, they will eventually run out of bread.

Today is the day you must decide this question: “Will you sell your 'eternal birthright' to live life on your terms consuming all the comforts the world offers, or will you seek to be born again and be a 'joint heir with Christ' in eternity?” [ Romans 8:17 ]

Friend, life is short, and so are its short-term pleasures.

Don’t sell your ETERNAL LIFE for a 'cup of earthy soup.'

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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