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Shut The Door
To Sin!

“Hold them guilty, O God;
By their own devices let them fall!
In the multitude of their transgressions
Thrust them out, for they are
REBELLIOUS against You.”

Psalm 5:10

close-door-to-sin Lucifer was the highest ranked angel in all of heaven, and although he had all the power, position and precedence over all the angelic realm — second only to God — he rebelled against God because he thought he could be like God. When that happened, he was thrown out of heaven and thrust down to earth along with all the angels that also sinned with him.

You see, God cannot have sin in His presence, and the sad reality is that most people do not recognize how disdainful sin is to God, and how it keeps them away from Him, both now and in eternity. Sadly today the very word is blissfully ignored, but the fact is this: SIN IS REAL and it is the greatest downfall to every living soul and must be recognized and repented of by every human being if they are to eventually stand in God’s presence.

While you may casually walk through the sin door and quietly close it behind you thinking that what you do will be hidden, God’s eyes see everything, and He knows the heart, ways and deeds of everyone. No sin is hidden from Him. When we break God’s law his statutes of righteousness are a mirror that reflects back not the self-righteous good person that we think we see, but to see our sin as God sees us. But if that is the case, what is the solution?

Well, if you are living in sin, deep down you know it, so don’t ignore it! Now’s the time to do something about it! Shut the door on sin and open the door to God. Right now, get on your knees and ask God to forgive you and help you to give up whatever sins are tripping you up, and no matter what it is! He will help you find a way to end it.

Your life is precious to God and He loves you so very much. That’s why He has made a way for us to escape the destruction of sin through Jesus Christ who died for you, paid the fine for all your sins, and ransomed you from death to set you FREE!

If you are living a life that you know deep down inside is wrong, pray this prayer :

Dear Heavenly Father,
I know I have sinned against heaven and in Your sight. I am not worthy to be to be called your child. I have broken your holy laws and been disobedient, wayward and selfish. Please forgive me and help me to live right before you. Dear Lord Jesus, come live inside me and make me strong so that I will give up my sins and live a clean life before you very day. In Jesus name I pray,


God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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