Article No. 645

“Hath God Said…”

“Now the serpent was more
Subtil than any beast of the …
And he said unto the woman,
'Yea, hath God said?'”

Genesis 3:1

snake+eve As the old story goes, Eve was tricked by the serpent in the Garden of Eden to eat of the forbidden fruit. In doing so he STOLE paradise from Adam and Eve, KILLED their relationship to God, and DESTROYED the paradise that once was their divine gift from God. This is exactly what John 10:10 says are the character traits of Satan and how he operates.

This self-same method still deceives people today by convincing people that what they 'think' God is saying is not really true, but instead based on our natural, 'rational' human minds on what seems reasonable that we also can take our own bite out of the proverbial 'apple' as we will.

Friend, Do NOT fall into this self-same trap! It is so easy today to buy into what popular culture embraces regarding sex, wealth, love, money, power, and possessions to the point that it is easy to rationalize that is OK to take a 'bite' out of any one of those things because everyone else is doing it too, but this is all a replay of the same deception!

The Bible tells us that Satan pretends to say “it’s OK” to do this, that or the other, but God is calling you to hear HIS voice, not a voice that sounds good or is what others are doing. His voice will NEVER lead you astray.

What 'Hath' God really said?

He said:
Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way. [Proverbs 23:19]
Follow ME [John 12:26]

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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