Article No. 639

Which Idol Are
You Looking To?

“The LORD hates those
That put their faith in
Worthless idols.”

Psalm 31:6

jetsons We live in an amazing world of techo-gadgets!! Ballyhooed products from every area of technology have taken us into a future like the epic 60’s cartoon “The JETSONS” where flying cars, video telephones and robots serve us by voice command or with the touch of a finger. What was once science fiction now has become science fact.

Today many people can’t live without tech - and for many - even idolize it. Studies show that some people daily spend an amazing amount of 'screen time' watching videos, playing games, texting, of taking/sharing pics to the point of ignoring the world around them. Some even say that they can’t imagine life without it.

However, the Bible says that whenever you look to a person or thing that much, those ICONs become an IDOL. In fact, our screens are literally filled with ICONS, and for many touching these icons (e.g. social media, entertainment, or shopping) has become their whole life, and that icon becomes an idol that you cannot live without.

However as today’s scripture illustrates, as 'cool' as these icons of tech are, in the end, they are all worthless. That’s easy to understand just by remembering your first cell phone or PC when THEN it was the essence of 'cool,' but TODAY it’s backward and worthless. Likewise, all the things of this world will also pass away but in the grand timing of eternity, there is only one thing that you’ll never be able to live without and that is having the LORD God who made you.

There is nothing wrong with modern tech, but do not count on a Jetson-like world to bring you joy, because all these gadgets will eventually pass away, but God will NEVER pass away. Put your future and trust in Him because He — and not the idols of the world — is the only one that can bring you TRUE Peace, Tranquility and Oneness.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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