Article No. 626

Who Has Influenced
Your Life
The Most?

“Give instruction to a wise man,
And he will be still wiser.
Teach a righteous man,
And he will increase in learning.”

Proverbs 9:9

FredRogers Fred Rogers of the iconic 'Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood' is an American treasure of wholesomeness and goodness. As a child, if you are old enough to remember, you couldn’t wait to tune in to his TV show! While always delightful to watch, you unknowingly and innocently would learn strong character values and good manners by his example that would stick with you for the rest of your life.

His influence caused me later in life to develop two Christian character and etiquette books that I taught to children and teens, and like 'Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,' the joy of seeing the light bulb go on in kid’s eyes when they discovered something wonderful about God and Jesus gave me a joy beyond measure, all because of his example.

On one of his programs, with the kindness and poise he always displayed, he softly said to the audience...

“I’d like you to close your eyes for ten seconds and think of ten people who have greatly influenced your life. I’m going to watch my clock.”

As he did, the camera panned across the audience. All eyes were closed, and some had tears streaming down their faces. Everyone was deeply touched by this precious man’s calm, kind and centered demeanor. His soft, yet purposefully intended suggestion caused them to pause and reflect upon their lives, and how deeply those in their pasts had touched them.

Likewise, pause right now from your busy day and close your eyes and ponder — Who has greatly influenced YOUR life? Who has made a real, even profound difference and guided you to become who you are today? Make a list of each one that has because just like today’s scripture, these people have given you instruction that has made you wiser. Thank God for them, because you are who you are today because of those that have come before you.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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