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…They are many
But His

“His master had
Compassion on him,
Forgave his debt, and
Released him.”

Matthew 18:27

OneBillionDollars Our national debt today is estimated to be over $30 TRILLION dollars, or to put it graphically, thirty times the one billion dollars of stacked $100 bills stacked on pallets in this picture. It is a debt that is impossible to pay back for our country, but did you know that YOU and I have an EVEN GREATER DEBT that we also can never pay back? It is the debt of SIN.

We all have a debt greater than the national debt that CANNOT be repaid by being a “good person,” being generous, saving the planet, or contributing some great work to humanity. There is nothing you can personally do to escape the debt and payment for sin which eventually will be your eternal death, however someone has already paid that debt for you, and all you have to do is 'Ask for MERCY, because His Mercy is More!'

Friend, the message of the gospel, — plain and simple — is this…

Christ died for YOUR sins and paid the sin debt that YOU owe, and like the master in today’s scripture verse, he showed COMPASSION, FORGAVE & RELEASED the man of the impossible burden of debt that could never be repaid.

Likewise, there is just one thing you must do in order to be forgiven of this debt, and that is ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU and repent of what you have done. Mercy means NOT getting what we DO DESERVE, and God is always merciful to all those that simply ask him from a sincere and contrite heart.

Be released of your sin debt today before the Grim Reaper of debt comes to collect. Ask God to forgive, and He will forgive…but he does not forgive unless you ASK.

Have you asked Him?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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