Article No. 0623

Normal & Acceptable
In Today’s World

“Such will be
The spread of evil that
Many people’s love
Will grow COLD.”

Matthew 24:12

HumanFlesh4Sale Years ago Johnny Carson apologized and explained that he used a word on his previous show that was 'inappropriate' that was rejected by the television network sensors. He awkwardly murmured that he instead should have said “A woman is 'expecting' or 'Is with child.'” By the moral standards of the 1960’s and before, use of the word 'pregnant' was not acceptable to use in society.

While there once was a time in our world when we all had a basic sense of right, wrong, and decency about what was appropriate and acceptable, as today’s scripture passage says, evil people’s standards have shockingly and unabashedly become mainstream and embraced by many not only as OK, but acceptable. Since the Supreme Court rulings of the early 1960’s that forbid prayer and Bible reading in schools, as a result there are perhaps three or four generations that have no idea of morality and civility as what was previously regarded in the public sphere.

The grotesque picture alongside this message is from a January 22, 2022 ad for an upcoming movie produced by the Walt Disney company called “FLESH” and is just one example of the consequences of a society lacking a moral compass. This film is being marketed as a romantic-comedy with a morbid backstory about a young lady dating a plastic surgeon who discovers that her boyfriend is a cannibal that sells body parts to other flesh eaters. Hollywood movie reviewers have hailed the movie as 'a breakout hit' and popular movie rating site *Rotten Tomatoes* gave it a rating of 85 out of 100.

This movie — and it’s message about where we are as a society and how far we have fallen morally — speaks for itself. Just as the Bible has prophesied and Jesus said, the hearts of many will (and have) grown cold.

Friend, the only way to escape this madness is to turn back to the last and ONLY standard of truth and morality, and that is God and His Holy Word, the Bible. Turn to Christ today, and “Love Not (this) World” [ 1 John 2:15 ] before IT Consumes You.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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