Article No. 0596

Don’t 'BEE' Stung
By The Devil!

“They compassed me
About like bees
They are quenched as
The fire of thorns”

Psalm 118:12

devil-sting When I was nine years old I went camping with my Cub Scout pack and was given the task to go up into the forest and gather firewood. A long dry branch had fallen onto the ground that looked like a good evening’s campfire, and I started pulling it down a steep hill towards our camp. Not being careful where I was going I tripped backwards and fell right into a big wiry pile of twigs and needles that was a bees nest! Dozens of angry bees immediately came swarming after me as I ran frantically back down to camp trying to escape their many stings!

Mr. Saunders our scout master (a stubby man that looked a little like the sergeant in the old Beetle Bailey comic strip) saw the whole thing and started swatting the bees inside my clothes with a soft rubber club. After a few minutes about a half dozen or more dead bees fell out of my shirt, and he counted over twenty-five stingers from head to toe! After about three hours of painful welts I was finally ok.

Our spiritual walk and mis-adventures happen exactly the same way. We may start off focused on a task, but then get distracted and instead of looking where we’re going, we can easily fall backwards into a nest of sin. When you do, the devil and all his angels will then be given the freedom to attack you relentlessly because you fell into their lair.

Surprisingly I learned two real-life lessons from this that are with me today both in the real world and the spiritual realm.

First, bees will NOT sting or even bother you if you leave them alone, and to this day if a bee flies near me I know they mean no harm and I just ignore them. Second, if you choose to meddle in their realm you WILL get stung!

Remember, There Is No Way To NOT Get Stung If You Fall Into Sin, and as Job 23:11 reminds us:

“Guard your steps as you go to the house of God and
draw near to listen rather than to offer the sacrifice of fools
for they do not know they are doing evil.”

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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