Article No. 0595

Where You Are Going
Is More Important Than
Where You Have Been

“The LORD said to Abram,
'Leave your land, your relatives,
And your father’s home and
Go to the land that I will show you.'”

Genesis 12:1

AbramFromUr Thousands of years ago, Abram was a wealthy pagan-worshiping man in the ancient land of UR (what we know today as southern Iraq.) He had everything that could be had in that world — wealth, position, and reputation — yet of all the people in that land of antiquity, God called and spoke to him to go from there and to leave all.

A point easily missed in this short, simple passage is that he was not told WHERE to go, but simply to go to a place “Which I Will Show You.” In other words, to use a modern analogy, “Leave Now, Pack your bags, Get in the car and just Start Driving in THAT direction…and when you get there I’ll TELL YOU!”

As today’s title says, not only for Abram where he came from was not to be nearly as important as what lay in his future, and that was to be re-christened with the name ABRAHAM and to be the father of the entire Jewish nation!

Likewise where you have been in this life is also not nearly as important as where God wants you to go too. Just as he had a plan for Abram, he has a plan for you too, but like Abram you have to stop, hear God’s voice and obediently head in the direction that he is calling you to go. Where that leads will not be clear until you get there, and that is called FAITH.

The Bible says in Romans 4:3 that “Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.” Likewise He is calling you to do something to take you from where you HAVE BEEN to Where you Are GOING. When you do, as Abram did and became even more blessed as Abraham, there is something far better in the direction God wants you to go then where you are now, or where you think you want to go.

¡Vaya Con Dios! (i.e. “Go With God!”)

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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