Article No. 0592

A Grain A Sand
Through The Hourglass
Of Eternity

“What is your life?
Your life is like a mist that appears over
The morning dew, and then quickly vanishes.”

James 4:14

HourglassEternity When passing through this world, it may seem like the hard knocks of life will never cease, but before you realize it your life will be quickly over and you may in horror find yourself as one of the grains of sand that falls down to the inescapable bottom of the hourglass of life-to-death. At that point you will not look back on what was vexing in this life, but howl in regret how you wound up becoming a lost grain of sand that fell away into the nothingness of the next life.

As the picture accompanying today’s message shockingly reveals, people who are specks of sand are falling rapidly through the HOURGLASS OF ETERNITY from the world of time and LIFE to the timelessness of eternity and DEATH, and for those that will tragically traverse that transit to the bottomless pit, their time has literally run out. So the question is how can you avoid being a grain of sand falling from LIFE to DEATH, and the answer is found in this passage in the Gospel of Matthew:

“And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder (sand).”
Matthew 21:44

You see, if you are wise in this life, then you will allow yourself to be broken from your pride, self-reliance and righteousness, and instead be LIKE a rock and build your life UPON the rock which is Christ (see Matthew 27:24-25). But if you are foolish, that rock will instead fall on you.

As today’s scripture verse reminds us, as rapid as this life appears, it is soon gone — but that does not mean that you will be gone too if you instead decide to stand ON the rock of Christ rather than being crushed like a grain of sand UNDER it.

Satan loves to deceive people by saying, “You have PLENTY of Time to Decide,” but your life can end at any moment. TODAY may be your last chance to make a decision that determines your place in eternity, but it is NEVER God’s desire to GRIND but to GRACE. Instead, each one of us must make the decision to either BELIEVE ON CHRIST and STAND with Him, or NOT BELIEVE ON CHRIST and BE GROUND.

What is your decision today?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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