Article No. 0591

We Are All
At Heart,
Treasure Hunters

“For where your treasure is,
There will your heart be also. ”

Matthew 6:21

FindingTreasure.jpg In the blockbuster adventure movie, “Raiders Of The Lost Ark,” Indiana Jones scoured the world for the fabled 'Ark of the Covenant,' however once he found it he was thwarted by evil enemies seeking the same prize, and in the end lost it again to a burial of bureaucracy.

Whether you realize it or not, you also are on a treasure hunt seeking the desire of your heart. It could be being accepted to a particular college, finding the perfect spouse, landing that huge job, or having great business, financial, or social success, but even if you do get what you hoped for — like the ark which was wheeled away to obscurity — whatever you had so desperately longed for will eventually pass away.

However like the ancient ark of Israel, there is a treasure that is more precious than anything in the world, but just as the nemesis that were continually seeking Indiana Jones’ demise, there is an enemy that also seeks to keep you from ever finding this priceless treasure, and that is your ETERNAL SALVATION.

You see, as today’s scripture says, where your Treasure is what your heart desires most, so the question is, “What Is That Treasure In Your Life?” and when you come face to face with that, what you treasure most will always force out what is TREASURED MOST, and that is your salvation and redemption from sin and death.

Like Indiana Jones’s adversaries, the devil seeks to keep that treasure from you, but the good news is if you put your heart on CHRIST — the greatest treasure of all — all the evil in the world can never steal it out of your hand.

What is your heart’s desire today?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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