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Why Do You
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“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with
All thy heart, and with
All thy soul, and with
All thy mind.”

Matthew 22:37

GoToChurch For those of you who go to church (even if only once or twice a year) WHY DO YOU GO??

Is it because you feel like you 'have to' because it is Christmas or Easter? Or perhaps that is how you were raised, or maybe because that is what people are 'supposed' to do on Sundays? Perhaps you are in business and being in a respected church is a great place to make business connections or a way of improving your standing or image in the community. Maybe you go because you enjoy all the many social functions and activities and feel like you have a place of belonging, or it is a great place for your children to have friends and do sports or other activities. Lastly it could be because you enjoy the prestige of being a deacon or serving on some service committee, or are continuing a family tradition of long-time membership.

Well there are a lot of reasons people attend church, and while some of these are not necessarily bad or ill intentioned, that is not what church is all about.

The reason why we go to church is to first WORSHIP GOD, and second to grow in our knowledge and relationship to Him. While all the activities, socializing, and community is good, the main focus must always be on HIM not US.

Sadly a large percentage of what most people focus on is what THEY want from God or from church, but God wants us instead to focus on what HE wants and to give Him GLORY. This whole notion of 'give him glory' sounds foreign to non-believers, but this is also sadly true among many church-going people!

Remember this — everytime you look up into a magnificent star-filled galaxy, see a majestic landscape, beautiful flowers, or feel your heart beating in your chest, remember who did all that! But not just remember, but give him thanks and praise.

THAT is what church is all about!

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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