Article No. 0583

If There is No Truth
Are There Really
Any Consequences?

“Don’t be misled!
You cannot mock the justice of God.
The consequences of your actions will
Be what you reap.”

Colossians 2:8

TruthOrNoConsequences On the 1950’s game show “Truth or Consequences,” contestants were asked a question and then quickly reply. If they were wrong, there was a 'consequence' and in the comedy farce that was the hallmark of the show, if they mocked the host AND the question, there was an even bigger consequence to pay.

While life is not a game show, there are serious questions that we face on how we live and answer the questions of our lives daily by our thoughts, words, and deeds. However there are some that not only mock the questions but ridicule what is presented as 'truth' as outdated superstitious teachings that are not applicable to the times or their lives, and therefore do not believe that there are any consequences for their actions.

As that old TV program’s opening screen showed, 'Truth' was marked by a heavenly halo and 'Consequences' with a hellish trident — just as scripture tells us that we all shall “Reap What We Sow.” (see Galatians 6:8) If we sow good things in this life there is reward, but if we sow evil seeds and do what we think is right in OUR eyes, we will reap the OPPOSITE harvest.

Friend, as today’s verse implores us, Don’t mislead yourself into thinking that there really aren’t any consequences for not answering to truth, because there are. Life is a great journey but a serious one that requires how we answer the question of TRUTH, because the Bible says that Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH and He desires us out of His love for us not to have a Consequence! All you need to do is answer one question, and that is this...

Do you believe that Jesus is “The (only) WAY, The (only) TRUTH, and the (only way to eternal) LIFE?” (John 14:6) and as the verse concludes “No man cometh to the Father but by me.” (???)

There is a TRUTH and there is a CONSEQUENCE.

What is your answer?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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