Article No. 0578

Are You “Prepping”
With The Wrong Things?

“Listen! ” says Jesus.
“I am coming soon!
I will bring my rewards with me to
give to each one according to
What he has done.”

Revelation 22:12

Prepping_Supplies Today there is tremendous turmoil and uncertainty in the world!

Instability in foreign countries, threat of war, terrorism, growing inflation, political upheavals, epidemics, rising energy costs, inflation — and a host of other things. Strangely but predictably the response by many is to 'prep' by stocking up on items considered as vital for meeting the coming crisis like silver and gold (or brass and lead) and the ubiquitous toilet paper, canned goods and bottled water — yet none of these will save you in this biggest of all events to come.

You see, despite the seemingly unsolvable events of the day, Jesus Christ IS coming back to deliver those that are His own and bring true peace and justice to the world.

If you have not yet sought Christ to save you from what is coming, the step to do so is to acknowledge that you are a sinner, and sincerely ask God to forgive you. Then place your trust (and your green check mark) on that which will truly prepare you for what is to come.

Friend, his promise of giving each one eternal safety is free for the asking. All you have to do is accept it.

Are you prepping for the return of Christ, or seeking your own 'prep path' to safety in a sinking world?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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