Article No. 0547

Is There a Hell?
And If So,
Should I Care?

“Can ye escape the
Damnation of hell?” 

Matthew 23:33

hell+devil YES! You can escape the damnation of hell, but you cannot escape it if you do not think that it doesn’t exist.

You see that has been the devil’s plan all long. First, to convince people that HE doesn’t exist, that Satan is simply a funny cartoon character in a red suit with horns and a pitchfork, and second that HELL is just a literary creation by great writers from the ancients as part of a superstitious past mythology. If that is what you think than congratulations!! Jesus called Satan “The Father of Lies” (John 8:44) and if so you’ve been successfully hoodwinked by the master liar of all.

The top two of the three great lies that Satan has tricked people into believing is that
1-Satan does not exist (therefore)
2-Hell does not exist!

So the question is, do you believe that both of these really are fairy tales and you have nothing to worry about? Or instead should you be concerned that both he and hell exist, and if so, what should you do about it?

The answer to this question is in the most famous verse in the Bible. Here it is paraphrased in a way better understandable by modern ears:

“God sent Christ into the world so that anyone that hears his message and believes it will not perish in hell, but instead will have life everlasting.”
John 3:16

Friend, PLEASE hear these truths without doubt or reservation:
> Satan is REAL.
>> Hell is REAL.
>>> No one has to go there unless you CHOOSE to NOT believe in the message of salvation that Christ proclaimed.

And the last of the three great lies of Satan is this:

'3-...that salvation message MIGHT be true, but you don’t have to do anything about it today. YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO DECIDE.

Do not believe these three lies - especially this last one! Because if you do one day it will be too late and the choice of where you go will be made for you.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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