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Are You Tuned
Into The Right

“Whoever finds me finds life.”
Proverbs 8:35

radio+road Back in the day when you wanted to listen to a radio station you had to precisely 'TUNE' the dial to just the right frequency. If you did, the station would come in clear and strong, but if you didn’t take care you wouldn’t be able to hear it well, and the farther you drove away from the bradcast tower, the signal would eventually get so weak you would not be able to hear it at all. If so, it wasn’t the station’s fault!

Finding what God is saying to you is exactly the same. He is and has been broadcasting His message to you all your life, but the question is can you hear it, or are you driving away from it?

Many people think that any broadcast about 'spirituality', truth or philosophy will do because you could always find another station no matter what direction you were headed...and there are sure a lot of them to tune to! But there is only ONE frequency and ONE direction that has ALL the answers that you need to listen to, and that is the GOD FREQUENCY

In reading this, you just tuned into His broadcast to YOU TODAY. Don’t tune Him out. He has something for you to hear, and it is coming within you right now! So listen carefully and you’ll hear it loud and clear (and it’s not in the last line of this message.)

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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