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Move From
Trials to Triumph

“As long as I have breath
The spirit of God is in my nostrils,
My lips will not speak falsehood, and
My tongue will not utter deceit.”

Job 27:3-4

RockUpHill Would you let your child go through a series trial in life if you knew that they would eventually come out of it healthier and stronger than than they were before? This was the situation that God allowed in letting Satan have his way in tormenting God’s righteous man, Job.

In this remarkable book of the Bible, Job was allowed to suffer in numerous ways through disease, death of family and the loss of all his possessions. While as God’s righteous and faithful man he did NOT deserve to suffer, yet despite being alone, isolated  and covered with sores with all his friends telling him to blame God for his sufferings, Job never 'spoke falsehoods' or cursed God! Why? Because  he knew deep within his soul that God was with Him.

God allowed Satan to put Job to the test to see what Job would do with his affliction, yet all the while the Lord  knew that Job would come out victorious!!  The end result was that after this test was over, Job was blessed exceedingly more beyond what he had before!

Today in the midst of a  world wide pandemic we too are being afflicted in a way similar to a sense to what Job endured. Now the question is “How are you responding?” How all of us respond to this - and what we think - is a test of our FAITH. This is not a time to give in or accept defeat because we have a LIFE LINE, and that is the LORD God above!

Like the story of Job, we are all getting tested and this evil Satanic virus is trying us all like a ping pong ball being tossed back and forth, but don’t fall for the Devil’s evil tactics! Just like in the story of Job, there is ONE and only GREAT POWER who is ALMIGHTY GOD!. No matter whether this virus ends or not, put your trust and faith in God like Job did and watch how  God Will Show Up!!!

Remember, everything is this life is temporary and so likewise is this test, but let us all be like Job and despite the trials, let us be faithful and Bless and Trust God.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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