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The Free Gift

“God opposes the proud, but
Gives GRACE to the humble.”

James 4:6

Jesus-Giving-A-Gift “Grace” is one of the most important -but often misunderstood - concepts in the Bible, and is at the very core of God’s love to those that are with Him.

Unlike our very best efforts to 'do good', God’s Grace looks past our best human efforts of 'being a good person' to only bless us even as we continue to fall short. Grace has nothing to do with what we think we deserve by being 'good', but is all about His special gift for us despite what we think that we have 'earned' or deserved.

“Grace” is the very heart of the Good News of the Gospel message and is the very opposite of the rejection of His Free Gift! You see, we all have free will to choose or reject God’s offer of forgiveness and salvation, and the sad truth is those that do reject His grace will receive the OPPOSITE of grace, which is self-imposed eternal judgement. The Bible teaches us that the result of unresolved sin is DEATH, and with that there is no hope of resurrection.

So how do we find grace? The simple answer is in the love of God that cares to rescue us from our bad judgement of denying and rejecting His offer to go into eternity with Him. It is the peace of God given to the restless and the unlovely reaching downward to people who are in rebellion against Him. Grace is God’s unconditional love toward a person who does not deserve it and His unconditional pardon of eternal forgiveness which washes away our sins no matter what they are when we are truly repentant. 

If you have not accepted the GRACE of God given to us through Christ, will you do so right now? All you need to do is tell the Lord that your goodness is not good enough and that you want to receive the Gift of His GRACE through His forgiveness in Christ. When you do, you can rely on God’s loving, forgiving grace to empower and deliver you from the curse of eternal death, because His GRACE is always sufficient. Receive it today. He is waiting to give you the fullness of His goodness!

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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