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Before You Make
You Make A

“First a desire is conceived,
And then it can lead to sin”

James 1:15

pre-decision Whenever we do something seriously wrong, it is never done at the spur of the moment. Bad actions always first start in our mind as a thought. In other words, before we make a decision we always first make a pre-decision.

That first bad germ starts as a simple 'thought' which is at heart a temptation, and all temptations come from one of two places – either out of our human, sinful, fleshly hearts and desires, or from opening our ears to Satan and his minions from the spiritual realm.

The solution is to decide to always Guard Your Thoughts. Get into the habit of putting all questionable thoughts immediately to the voice of your conscious which is simply the Holy Spirit of God whispering in your ear. When we train our spirit and mind to listen and be obedient to the conscious and shine that light on our temptations, the darkness of those ideas will quickly be apparent. Then make a pre-decision to NOT act on that thought!

Billy Graham once taught that “temptations are NOT sinful” and thank God that’s true! We ALL get tempted every day, but as today’s scripture says, it’s only when that first-thought conceives and is put into practice when it leads to a result in doing something we should never have done. Fortunately we have two powerful weapons to offset this; the power of the Holy Spirit within us, and the Word of God.

So friend, make a decision to begin each day making a PRE-decision to listen to what is right and true... and do that!

It’s not that the
Christian faith has been
tried and found difficult,
but rather it’s been found
difficult and left untried.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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