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The Opposite of

“Be of the SAME mind,
Of the SAME love,
In ONE ACCORD and of

Philippians 2:2

pieces-globe The Hebrew word 'Shalom' is generally recognized to mean 'Peace' or harmony, but another secondary and perhaps more important definition is Wholeness.

When there is peace things are not split apart but instead are joined together. Dissention or divorce in marriage? The solution is coming together as one PIECE in PEACE. Conflict between countries or warring parties? The solution is united back together in PEACE with each other, not separate. In fact, whenever you see the word peace simply substitute the word WHOLENESS and this will become abundantly clear.

Instead of 'Imagine World Peace' say 'Imagine World Wholeness'. Instead of 'Being at Peace' think 'Being in Wholeness.'

You see, instead of being one whole unit in harmony, the opposite of that is to be in piece(es.) Sadly this is what has happened in families, marriages, communities and in politics. Instead of working towards being whole, people are working towards being separated and split into pieces of 'for' or 'against', or 'left' or 'right' or 'haves' or 'have nots.'

Piece will never bring Peace, and the only real chance of real Peace is the Prince of Peace. If you ask Jesus Christ who is the only real SOURCE of Peace to be your Prince-of-Peace and follow His ways, you will not only be at peace but will be made the way God intended you to fully be – in wholeness, love, and completeness.

“Depart from evil, do good. Seek PEACE (NOT Division!) and Pursue It!!
Psalm 34:14

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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