Article No. 0396

Heed These Signs
Before It Is Too Late

“And this shall be
a sign unto thee from the LORD,
that the LORD will do this thing
that he hath spoken.”

Isaiah 38:7

warning-signs We’ve all seen signs of warning while driving, but the same can be said about seeing danger signs as we travel along the highway of life. We can try to ignore them, but at some point before this trip called 'life' ends you will have to make a choice if these signs are real or not. So the question for you is this - “Will you heed these warning signs or ignore them?” There is indescribable danger ahead in eternity and if you do ignore them you will arrive at a destination where there is NO ESCAPE OR EXIT. Once there, there is no backing up, no turning around, and truly - no exit. It is a one way street to a literal DEAD END of eternal condemnation that is without remedy.

The good news is that God has given us many signs that will direct us to the destination that He wants to bring us to, but to get there we have to read and follow the signs He has given us, and all the directions we need to navigate the highway of life are found in one 'road atlas,' and this is the Bible.

Jesus tells the story of a rich man trapped in hell where he regretfully realizes that there is NO EXIT. He is fully conscious of his past life and the wrong turns that got him there despite the signs he chose to ignore, and he begs that someone would go back to warn his brothers of this horrible dead end he has found himself. Sadly Jesus replies to him that all people are given signs that point away from hell and lead to eternal life - and ALL of those signs are in the Bible - the same Bible he chose to ignore.

The word repent means to change one’s mind so the question today as you travel down the road of life is this – will you pay attention to these warning signs to not go down the WRONG ROAD and change your mind to go in a safe direction? Turn away from the road that leads to a DEAD END and travel the straight road that leads to eternal life! (Matthew 7:14)

The choice is yours. Follow the road that leads to Christ! Heed the signs He has given and do not go down the path that most people follow that leads to destruction! (Matthew 7:13)

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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