Article No. 0358

If You Have
One of These THREE Attitudes
About “Eternal Life”
Watch Out!

“But because of your
stubbornness and unrepentant heart
you are storing up wrath for yourself
of the righteous judgment of God.”

Romans 2:5

path-to-heaven-and-hell.jpg If you are like the majority of people, in regards to thoughts about God, Heaven, what happens when you die, and eternal life, then your thinking most likely goes something like one of these beliefs and attitudes:

1) It’s all good! I’m a GOOD PERSON! I’ll go to heaven because God is LOVE and I am GOOD.

2) I’m not that bad, and God’s not really THAT mad at me anyway, so why would or should I go to hell?

3) So what?!? I AM that bad, but God is not THAT good anyway! Actually if this dude were to make me go to hell, it would prove what a &#^@! He really is!

But here is the truth.

On the first point, No One is SO GOOD that by what you have done in this life that that they will have an automatic ticket to heaven. The Bible does NOT teach that. Instead it says that we are all are sinners, and we are all worthy of judgement.

On the second point, while you may admit that you have faults, your life is not an empty rap sheet that is 100% clean. We have all done things that are far worse than we care to honestly admit!

On the third point, admit you hate and rebel against a so-called “Good God ” who would commit any of those that don’t 'measure up' according to his unreasonable and dominating standards. If that is who this 'god' is than he is not worthy of being god or having my respect.

As always, you have the absolute right to believe anything you want. We have free will and make our own decisions about life, death, and eternity. But here is the thing - are you going to assume that your idea about all this is correct and that your ENTIRE ETERNITY depends on simply what you “THINK”?!? You don’t plan your retirement based on that, so why are you assuming eternity’s conclusion is a matter of what you think??

Friend, here is the answer - and it is TRUE and DEPENDABLE. Jesus Christ came to this earth to make payment for your sins, cover the eventuality of eternal death and provide you the way to heaven. All you need do is CHANGE YOUR MIND about the three attitudes above. By the way, the word 'repent' in the Bible’s original language literally means to “change your mind.” Will you change your mind RIGHT NOW about what Eternal Life can be? You can! Simply ask Christ to pick up the check for your sins. Tell Him you appreciate what He has done for you and confess that you are a sinner and take a repentant not presumptive attitude about your soul’s state. Then the only thing you will need to “Watch Out” for is seeing Christ saying to you, “Welcome Home Child!”

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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